Travel Nurse Contract Ends - The Gypsy Nurse Tips for The Final Week


By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

August 8, 2018



Step #26 Travel Nurse Contract – The Final Week

It’s your final week on your Travel Nurse contract.

As your travel nurse contract ends, it’s time to wrap up everything and get ready to move on. Use these tips for a smooth transition to your next travel nurse contract.

Yeah…you made it through!

travel nurse contract ends

With every contract ending there is always a myriad of feelings.  I have found that my feeling can run from relief (from a bad contract) to feelings of sadness for having to leave new friends that I’ve met.

No matter what the feelings, it’s now time to move on and I want to help you make sure that you don’t forget any of the last minute things that need to be addressed.

As your Travel Nurse Contract ends follow these tips!

  • For your current housing
    • Arrange your move-out Walk-through inspection.
    • Return any leased items or equipment (cable box, etc)
    • Arrange for hold or forwarding of mail (if applicable).
    • Pack and clean.
    • Donate any unwanted items to Goodwill.
    • Cancel any utilities in your name.
  • Hospital/Facility
    • Return Badge and any other equipment.
    • Get final time-sheet signed and faxed.
    • Obtain a written evaluation (if not already done) and forward a copy to your company.
    • Collect any contact information for those you would like to keep in contact with.
  • For your next location
    • Print out a copy of your signed contract.
    • Call your new housing and confirm move-in date and arrangements.
    • Check with your company for any last minute paperwork or other requirements.

There may still be loose ends with your company that need to be completed.  As your travel nurse contract ends, try to get these taken care of. These items (online testing, physicals, etc) will be much easier to complete in a stable location rather than once you’re on the road.


Don’t forget to double check the ‘odd’ areas of your apartment for additional items to pack.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left something behind in the dryer because I didn’t think to double-check.  Places to check would include: under the bed, all the cabinets, dishwasher, under sinks, the inside of the oven, behind the couch/other furniture, all drawers and the washer and dryer.

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