Love on the Road as a Travel Nurse Couple the perks of traveling together

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By Megan Hutcherson

February 14, 2021



Love on the Road as a Travel Nurse Couple

travel nurse couple

Imagine getting to work with your best friend as well as exploring a new place together every three months. My boyfriend, Ty, and I are currently a travel nurse couple. That is what our life looks like right now. We spent the beginning of the year in the desert of New Mexico. And have been climbing the Washington mountains for the past three months. I will give you the inside scoop of how traveling as a couple works, what we love most about it, and tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way.

Finding an assignment

One of the more challenging aspects of traveling as a pair can be finding an assignment that will be the right fit for both of us. To make this a little easier we use the same travel company and recruiter. Most places need more than one travel nurse, so being presented as a package deal is usually something that hospitals welcome. Ty and I also choose to work on the same unit, which I was a little nervous about when we first started traveling, but it ended up being such a great decision.

We read each other well, so we know when the other person needs help and support at work without even asking. It also makes every transition in a new place much easier, and we can be resources for each other when nursing questions and difficult decisions arise. There is always someone to bounce ideas off and give advice when you need it and someone who is there for you when you aren’t having the best day.


Of course, our favorite part of travel nursing is the exploring we get to do on our days off. We always ask for the same schedule to make the most of our time in a new area. This needs to be mentioned in the initial interview with the manager, so they know upfront what your expectations are for your schedule and let you know if they can make it happen. As always, nothing is guaranteed unless it is in your contract, so it isn’t a bad idea to include this if it is important to you.

This is another reason we love working on the same unit. Having the same manager makes it easier for your schedule dreams to come true. We have met a lot of travelers who ask for time off during their contract. But we try to avoid this when we are given the same schedule. We are always open to working weekends/ holidays. We want to be able to enjoy our time on assignments and want to be as flexible as we can to help the hospital and fill their staffing needs. If we want to take longer trips and vacations, we do this in between assignments. We typically have three to four days off in a row, allowing plenty of mini trips and exploring.


Another huge perk to traveling together is being able to save money on housing. Our company offers housing, but we always choose to take the stipend and find our own place through Airbnb or Furnished Finders. Since we share the monthly payment with rent, we have saved a good bit of money this way. This allows us to have a little extra to spend on trips and other things we enjoy. We often get one question whether we bring two cars on our travels or get by with one. We bring two in case we are scheduled different shifts from time to time. So we will always have a way to get around when car troubles arise. Both of these situations have happened, and we have been grateful to have another option.

If you are considering traveling with a partner, I would highly recommend that you go for it! Our time of traveling together has given me some of the most adventure-filled and incredible moments of my life. Our relationship has grown stronger because of it. In general, travel nursing is such an amazing opportunity but being able to share the journey with the person you care about the most takes the experience to another level. We have truly enjoyed every second of it and don’t plan on stopping any time soon!

Did you find this information for travel nurse couples helpful? Are you and your significant other travel nurses who go on assignments together? Give us your top tips for travel nurse couples.

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