From a Travel Nurse Husband: Life as a Travel Nurse Husband

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By The Gypsy Nurse

August 16, 2018



From a Travel Nurse Husband

The Following is a Guest Article by Jay Lane

Originally published: April 2014

This life we are still getting used to.

A life of seemingly endless conversations. Meaningful exchanges of our day’s events. Sharing the good with the bad like many married couples all over the world. Discussing current events near and far. There is nothing routine, monotonous, or laborious about these communications. These conversations are different; we hang on to every word, not taking one syllable for granted. Time zones and space separate us.

I am a travel nurse husband.

A job that takes my wife thousands of miles from home for over a dozen weeks at a time. My wife is on her second remote assignment in the state of Alaska, and although we are 4,000 miles apart, we are in it together.

There are emotional phases for married couples whose spouse travels for work on long-distance assignments.

We share the excitement while we research her next potential assignment. She scours her resources, and we weigh the pros and cons of the different possibilities. We narrow it down and make our decision. It becomes real. My heart beats a little faster during this time period. I know there will be lonely days, but the distance between us is merely geographical.

We scrutinize contract details to make sure the “I’s are dotted, and T ‘s are crossed.” Next is the excitement of researching the location of the area to which she will be traveling. Traveling, to work to explore, to gain valuable experience. We Learn about the population, geography, and culture of her new temporary community.

Things start moving quickly the deal is signed and sealed. Anxiousness sets in, and soon comes the day of departure. The butterflies are only bare because I know her sense of accomplishment and pride are part of what makes her the woman I love. She is passionate and enthusiastic about her work and the adventure that awaits. She enjoys sharing with me her experiences, and I love hearing about them.

The phone call I eagerly await comes, “honey, I am here and settled in, the flights were fine, and I am ready to get to work.”

This is the beginning. It seems daunting. One day at a time. Every day that goes by is one day closer to being reunited with her. I wait with urgent tranquility for her return.

It’s May 16th and she’s back in my arms back in our home. We pick up where we left off.

About the Author:

Jay Lane, Self Employed Landscape Designer and Proud travel nurse husband of Gypsy Nurse Ambassador CNA, Michelle Lane;  devoted father of Krysta and Kaitlynn. Jay keeps the home fires burning and keeps the girls on track while Michelle is away on assignment, and he does it with pride, 13 weeks at a time. “Michelle is my biggest emotional support, even thousands of miles away. This would not work unless we both put in our best effort and are part of a team. I commend the sacrifices that all of the Travelers make each day.”

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