Couples who Travel Together.. Stay Together - Love on the Road

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By Megan Hutcherson

February 13, 2019



Couples who Travel Together.. Stay Together

Couples who Travel Nurse Together.. Stay Together

How do couples make it work while travel nursing? Some couples travel together, read Ty and Meg’s story below.

Where it all began

Our love story began with common interests of traveling and nursing and now we are fortunate enough to do both together. We first met on a beach in Charleston, South Carolina one morning post night shift. We shared a beer while talking about our past travels and where we would like to go next.

It wasn’t far into our conversation that we realized we were meant to be together and fell hopelessly in love. Before meeting each other, we were both very content and not necessarily looking for a relationship. But life has its way of giving you exactly what you need at the time. Neither of us had ever connected with someone in such a natural way so we didn’t take it for granted. We spent much of our time in Charleston hiking and surfing and would take mini adventures to try and fill the travel void. When this wasn’t enough we decided to take a leap and experience travel nursing together.

Our first assignment together and getting to it

We are currently on our first assignment on a PCU in Albuquerque, New Mexico and it has been an adventure from the very start. The excitement began while we were driving cross country and had to outrun a massive winter storm. Hour by hour we had to check the weather radar and adjust our route accordingly. It seemed like we were leaving chaos behind in every state we left. The day after leaving Tennessee there was flooding in Memphis. Then just a few hours after leaving Oklahoma and Texas they were hit with a huge snowstorm. Chaos aside, we enjoyed every minute of it together and every stop along the way. This made us realize even more that traveling together was meant to be. Experiencing these things made our adventure more interesting and has given us even more stories to tell.

Our adventures together

Couples who Travel Nurse Together.. Stay Together

Travel nursing has given us the ability to see places that we thought were only in our dreams. What better place to start than the Land of Enchantment. We have only been in New Mexico since the beginning of January and have already been up and down the state. When we talk to people who are New Mexico natives they can’t believe all the places we’ve seen in such a short period of time and haven’t even seen some of them themselves.

Some of our favorite spots are the Bisti Badlands, White Sands National Monument, Organ Mountains, Taos, Rio Grande Gorge and Carlsbad Caverns. We are also close to Arizona, Colorado and Utah and have had the opportunity to explore those states a little bit as well. We are so in love with the area that we are already thinking Utah for the next assignment. It is nearly impossible to see all of the amazing sights nearby in only a short three months.

For our assignment we work on the same unit and have the same schedule. So we are able to spend our days off doing as much as we can. It’s hard to believe that it is possible to work together, live together and also experience day to day life with someone and not get tired of them. But so far we are loving it. The feeling of constantly getting to share new memories with your best friend never gets old. We are excited to see what is next on our journey. If you would like to see more of our adventures check out our Instagram page @wethevagabonds.

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