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By The Gypsy Nurse

October 16, 2021



Writing a GREAT Travel Nurse Resume

An up to date resume is a vital part of any Travel Nurse Portfolio when submitting to a new travel nurse agency. Writing a great travel nurse resume can be daunting. The old adage of ‘keep your resume one page’ does not apply to the Travel Nurse resume.

Steps to Writing a GREAT Travel Nurse Resume

#1 Your Header

Your Header is at the top of your resume and contains your name and contact information. It’s also the first thing a hiring manager or recruiter will look at. Make certain to include both an email address and a phone number.

#2 Summary

Recruiters are busy these days and often, great resume’s get missed. Recruiters often scan resumes for keywords. Use these keywords in your summary and make it clear your years of experience and specialties.

#3 Certifications / Licenses

If you hold multiple state licenses and certification, this section can get lengthy. Don’t Stress. Provide clear details on State licenses (including expiration dates) and all pertinent certifications that you hold.

#4 Work History

Detailed work history is important. Include the Agency, Hospital, Unit, Dates, and brief description of your role.

#5 Education

Be sure to include the Institution Name and location, degree obtained and dates of attendance. You will likely also have to provide your agency with a copy of your educational transcripts.

#6 Computer / Charting Systems

List all of the computer charting systems that you have worked with. These skills can be key for some travel nurse positions. Are you a ‘super user’? If so, be sure to note this on your resume. Having skill with multiple computer charting systems will help your travel nurse resume stand out.

#7 Other Skills

Do you have other skills that might set you apart from other applicants? PICC line insertion, CPR Instructor, member of the Code or Rapid Response Team, participant in hospital ethics committee are just some examples. Be sure to highlight any additional skill that you have gained. Include any committee work that you’ve done as well.

You’ve perfected your Travel Nurse Resume…now what?

Now that you have perfected your travel nurse resume, you can check out these Top Agencies to help you find your next great travel nurse contract. Following these tips will help get your resume noticed and open doors to interviews. What change can you implement to improve your resume today?

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