Travel Healthcare: Looking Ahead to Travel Healthcare in 2023

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By Uniti Med

November 23, 2022



Looking Ahead to Travel Healthcare in 2023

Uniti Med provided this article.

It’s hard to believe that 2022 is already ending, and a new year will soon begin. It feels like the past few years have all blended together for many of us. Covid-19 completely changed the healthcare industry, and since it swept the nation in 2020, the future of healthcare staffing has been uncertain.  

Earlier this month, we attended the annual SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit in Houston, Texas. The Healthcare Staffing Summit is an annual event to give updates and changes in the industry. This year, the focus was on healthcare staffing beyond the pandemic. Let’s look at some of their projections for travel healthcare in a post-pandemic world. 

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Job Openings to Hires Ratios Will Increase 

As we move into 2023, we will continue to see the ratio of openings to hires increase. For the last ten years, ratios remained steady at 1.67. In August 2022, that number jumped to 2.4. Staffing shortages were nothing new prior to Covid, and that gap will continue to grow. We are no longer in a staffing shortage but a staffing crisis. As a healthcare traveler, this means more job opportunities. There has never been a greater need for healthcare employees than there is now. 

Burnout Will Drive Professionals Out of the Field 

It’s no secret that healthcare providers have been put through the wringer these past few years. Long hours, high patient ratios, and devastating loss of life at the height of the pandemic led to many feeling helpless and wanting to leave the industry entirely. Statistics show that 27% of healthcare professionals will reduce their hours in the next 12 months, and 29% will leave their current practice altogether in the next two years. This, unfortunately, will only add to the shortage and give more burnout to those who stay. 

The Demand for Healthcare Professions Will Increase 

As the staffing crisis continues, the need for certain specialties and professions will also increase. The top 3 professions with increasing needs are nurse practitioners (52.2%), PT assistants (35.3%), and OT assistants (34.6%). Allied professions will have the highest need, a positive for those in the field who are looking for more travel job opportunities. 

Hospitals Are Under Financial Pressure 

In 2022, more than 50% of hospitals in the nation were operating in the red. Because of this, they are being pushed to lower bill rates, therefore, lower compensation. Not to mention, there is a 96% likelihood of a nationwide recession in 2023. Many healthcare professionals start a travel career for the higher compensation, but depending on the facility they are working, it may not be the case. 

While these statistics seem bleak, there is hope for the future of healthcare staffing. Hospitals are opening themselves up to more flexible staff and schedules. Modern technology is transforming the way travelers find jobs. The 2022 Travelers Conference in Las Vegas was the most attended ever, which proves that despite the odds, travelers aren’t going anywhere. The number of travelers in the workforce continues to increase. In 2022, we saw a massive increase in travelers. The need isn’t going away, and neither are the travelers. 

So, what does this mean for you? As a full-service healthcare staffing company, our travelers can expect us to continue to provide the absolute best service. We will work hard to find you the best fit for the best pay possible. Just because you are traveling alone, it doesn’t mean you are alone. As the needs of facilities continue to adapt to the market, so will we. As hospitals send out new requirements to their staff, our compliance team will be on top of it. As jobs change and needs arise across the country, our recruiters and client managers will be there. No matter what is to come in 2023, know that your healthcare staffing agency will always be there for you. 

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