Healthcare Staffing: Evolving the Industry

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By StaffDNA

July 1, 2022



Evolving the Travel Healthcare Staffing Industry

StaffDNA provided this article.

The healthcare staffing industry has made several rapid advancements in the wake of the pandemic. But we still have some lingering problems to address.

Let’s talk about a few.

First, healthcare facilities are looking to pay less.

Nurses and other healthcare workers, however, accustomed to the levels of pay you’ve experienced during the worst of the crisis, now expect to be paid more.

How do we find the right balance to make both sides happy? It’s a tough one.

Second, healthcare staffing has been slow to evolve technologically.

This is particularly evident when compared to the impressive gains of other industries. For too long, we’ve stayed traditional and status quo. Some staffing companies are continuing with this approach, assuming the way they’ve always done things will continue to yield results.

Third, archaic application methods.

While today’s healthcare workers are as tech-savvy as anyone, many still rely on archaic methods of completing a profile and waiting for a recruiter to call and offer a job.

So how do we solve our industry’s issues? The most obvious answer is through digital transformation by building automation into any process that will create efficiency. As a travel nurse, that translates to higher pay for you.

job board

The following are some key considerations for bringing digital transformation to healthcare staffing:

100% mobile technology

The freedom to choose where you work, when you work, and the potential to earn a life-changing income are among the most enticing ideas the world has ever seen. To make this a reality for caregivers in demand requires the ability to access jobs and important updates anywhere, at any time. Further, the shortage of qualified healthcare workers isn’t changing anytime soon, so we’ll need to be able to connect with prospects quickly and seamlessly. Not to mention handling the emerging opportunities in virtual nursing, centralized monitoring, and other healthcare offerings still on the horizon.

Self-service, end-to-end automation

What if everything you needed to find a job and manage the process was available in one place?

Companies like StaffDNA have made this leap, and others will follow. A single platform gives nurses and allied health workers complete control over their job search, enabling them to choose where they wish to work and immediately see where they’re most needed. The ability to upload a resume, personalize pay packages, track application status, and accept and sign an offer—all within the app—is a game-changer for the industry.

Reducing friction wherever possible

What key platform functionality will help bridge the divide between what clients want to pay and what nurses wish to earn? Automated compliance management. This ability to manage unique compliance requirements, streamline the credentialing process, and eliminate efficiencies will create significant time and cost savings, reducing one of the biggest onboarding hassles.

There are others, of course. But ultimately, the challenges we take on will have the same aim: to improve our industry, create value, and give the best opportunities for health professionals to provide exceptional patient care. Let’s spur each other upward.

We hope you found this article on evolving the healthcare staffing industry helpful. Are there any topics you would like to see us write about? Comment them below.

About StaffDNA 

By creating the first self-service healthcare staffing platform built on the industry’s most advanced technology, StaffDNA has revolutionized how healthcare professionals find their next job. Candidates can see available positions nationwide with complete details and apply 24/7. All onboarding can be handled in the app, and once they’ve started, candidates can manage the entire assignment—from credentials and timesheets to booking or extending a contract. StaffDNA has been designated the first Total Staffing Solution from Staffing Industry Analysts, the global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions. The company frequently makes regional and national Best Places to Work lists, including from Dallas Business Journal and Modern Healthcare. The StaffDNA app currently averages 30,000 unique downloads a month, making it the #1 downloaded app in the healthcare staffing industry.

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