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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

August 8, 2018



Step #24 Travel Nurse Contract – 4 Weeks to go…

Your almost at the point of finishing your Travel Nurse Contract.

It goes by FAST! You’ve made it through 9 weeks of your Travel Nurse Contract – 4 weeks is all that’s left! Finishing your travel nurse contract deserves Congrats! There is a lot to keep you busy during the next 4 weeks so I hope you are ready.

In Step #23, we discussed some questions for you to begin to ponder.  Hopefully you have read and followed step #23.  If not, go back now and take a look at it and give the questions there some thought.

Next Steps: Getting ready for the Job Hunt

This is always an exciting time for me.  I love the hunt, the excitement of exploring my options and the thought of going someplace new.  I think it’s almost like a drug for me…something that I crave and thrive with. Hopefully you share some of these same feelings.

I’m excited for you.  You have a whole myriad of job options ahead of you.  You’re almost at the finishing point. Finishing your travel nurse contract is nearly behind you and you survived!  Whether it was a great contract or a horrible one….the next will be a totally new adventure for you.

Tips to Finishing Your Travel Nurse Contract Successfully

Some guidelines for the next 2 weeks to keep you moving in the right direction:

Contact your Recruiter(s)

Determine if you would like to continue to work with the same company.  Did you have any issues?  Were they receptive to your needs?  Was the contract fulfilled (from the company end) as you expected?

If you haven’t notified your recruiter (s) of your decision to continue and seek a new position you should do it now.

Extending or Looking

Check out the jobs available in the area you want to go on our Job Listings. If you want to continue with your same agency, just sort by the agency.

Hopefully you have an idea of what you want from your next contract or where you would like to go.  This is the time to seriously determine your preferences for your next contract.

If you have decided to extend your contract; it’s prime time to set pen to paper and finalize this.

When do you plan to start?

Look at a calendar!  Map out the time-frame that the next contract would cover and make certain that there aren’t any dates/activities that would conflict. (ie Best friends wedding, birth of child in the family).  I suggest using Google Calendar to keep track of all of your events and important dates.

If there are conflicting dates, make certain to inform your recruiter (and whom-ever you interview with) of these dates and make sure that the time off is detailed in your final contract.

Depending on when you want to start your next contract (are you taking time off in-between), you should start submitting for open positions.

Finishing your Travel Nurse Contract: To Do

As your travel nurse contract comes to a close, there are several things that you should be doing. Over the next two weeks you should be confirming a contract.  Making final decisions and beginning to make travel plans.

Make certain that all of your certifications are up to date and update anything in your travel nurse portfolio that has expired.


If you haven’t obtained personal references yet (as we discussed in Step #23)…do it now!  These are invaluable for your portfolio.  Even if you have decided to extend your contract…get these references NOW.


You may have several of these in the next two weeks. Be available and prepared for an on-the-fly interview.


If you are going to a location where you are not licensed, you need to begin the licensing process. Check out this great cheat-sheet on licensing timelines for tips on how long the licensing will take.


Fit in the last few ‘experiences’ or local haunts that you have been putting off…you are almost out of time!

If there are people that you have connected with and would like to keep in touch with, make sure you have their contact info.  Phone, email, FB, etc.

Living as a travel nurse, there is rarely time to put the job-search totally out of mind.  It’s a busy lifestyle.  In time, you will develop your own flow and timing.  In the meantime…enjoy and travel on!



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