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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

June 9, 2019



Travel Nurse Interview Prep

Interview prep for the travel nurse can be critical to your final decision. Travel nurse interviews aren’t all about the hospital asking you questions. Traveler needs to know what they are getting into when it comes to contract positions. Once you’ve been selected for an interview, it’s important to prep so you can manage the interview effectively to make sure it’s a good fit.

It’s important to remember when interviewing that you are interviewing the Hospital as much as they are interviewing you.  Make sure to ask questions in order to find out if a Hospital is going to be a good fit for your Needs.

PREP: Hospital Travel Nurse Interview Questions

  • Can you describe the mix of patients on this unit?
  • What is the normal nurse to patient ratio?
  • What is the average acuity of the patients on the unit?
  • How long is the orientation process?
  • Will there be any testing before I start my assignment? (EKG, medication tests, performance based tests, etc.)
  • Will I be able to pick up any OT hrs?
  • How is the scheduling done?
  • How many weekends in a month are required?
  • What floors do you float to?
  • Color of scrubs?
  • What charting/documentation systems are used?
  • Confirm with Nurse Manager any mandatory time off needed during assignment.
  • Is parking provided or do I have to pay for it? (especially in big cities?

Before you Hang up

  • Make sure to ask for the assignment before hanging up, if you want it!
  • Do not decline the offer on the phone! We (your agency) can do that for you if we can’t negotiate your requests or concerns.
  • Remember to get the name and number of the Interviewer before hanging up so we know who to contact for your offer!

Most importantly, travel nurse interview prep is a step that you shouldn’t skip. You might also check with your travel nurse peers and find out if there are items specific to the hospital that you should be asking.

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