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By Fusion Medical Staffing

June 7, 2023



10 Tips for Successful RV Travel Nursing

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Travel nurses can take their home and their family (kids and pets included) with them on assignment by investing in an RV. However, RV living offers unique challenges – it isn’t just a house on wheels.

Here are ten tips to help navigate challenges and maximize the benefits of travel nurse RV living.

rv travel nursing

1. Plan ahead

Before starting the next assignment in your travel nursing career in an RV, spend plenty of time planning.

Research the best RV models, popular RV parks, and camping sites across the country, and map out the best routes.

Consider the weather, the cost of living versus traditional housing options, and where you want to find assignments to save money (and worry).

2. Choose the right RV

Choose an RV with the features you and your travel nursing family need to live and work comfortably on the road. An RV needs ample space, comfortable quarters, and a kitchen area.

Factor in heating, plumbing, and water systems and storage space for a personal vehicle, too.

Owning an RV provides greater flexibility than more traditional housing or short-term rental options, but it also comes with potential drawbacks such as maintenance requirements, fuel costs, and environmental factors.

Adventurous nurses might opt for a diesel RV, which can be more effective than gas engines for long distances.

3. Understand maintenance for the RV lifestyle

When you’re living in an RV, travel nursing experience won’t fix a flat tire.

Understanding basic maintenance is essential, as well as how to keep your living arrangements up to par all year round.

rv travel nursing

All your stuff will thank you!

4. Create your own space

Make your RV (or RV park) a comfortable home away from home. Create a cozy living room area, cook homestyle meals, and personalize your space with creature comforts to feel content, even on your first assignment.

5. Drive safely

Driving an RV means more than simply steering. When using an RV, especially with a recreational vehicle in tow, be extra careful and stick to standard safety practices.

Ensure your RV is well-maintained, avoid speeding, and always wear your seatbelt while driving.

6. Budget wisely

Travel nursing and living in an RV requires wise money management. Keep track of your finances and the cost of both expected and unexpected repairs, maintenance, and the cost of gas.

Take advantage of RV parks or campgrounds with lower rates, too.

7. Stay connected

When you’re in an RV, travel nursing friendships might look a little different. Traveling nurses should use tools like video chat and social networks to stay connected while on assignment, but something as small as having your housing on wheels can be a surprising barrier.

Check out items like wi-fi hot spots to keep relationships close, even on the road between travel assignments.

8. Be flexible

For RV travel, flexibility is the key to success.

Be open to last-minute changes, shifts, and opportunities that come up last-minute; after all, many travel nurses choose this lifestyle specifically for the excitement!

rv travel nursing

9. Enjoy the journey

Travel nursing in an RV is all about the adventure of new experiences. Explore the surroundings, take advantage of the downtime, and make memories.

You’re already taking in the sights, sounds, tastes, and cultures of the country — it makes sense to enjoy living during the in-betweens.

10. Network and make new friends

RV living opens opportunities for networking and making new friends. Seek out like-minded travelers, find other travel nurses who get the RV lifestyle, and build a support network.

Of course, travel nurse RV tips aren’t the only place to get advice about making connections.

Bonus tip: Embrace adventure

Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things in life. You never know who you’ll meet in life or what opportunities may arise in life.

Use your time off to explore the area, join local and social media groups, and attend community events.

When you’re on the job, connect with colleagues and build professional relationships. Participate in company activities or attend job-related conferences or events to network with other nurses and potentially make long-lasting connections, even on temporary travel nurse assignments.

Is travel nurse RV living right for you?

Travel nursing in an RV can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling career options for those who want both more freedom from work and more money from travels. Remember, success begins with proper research.

From there, you can create your ideal RV lifestyle and start a new adventure where meeting interesting people is the norm. The freedom of taking your house with you across the country while working as a travel nurse is a dream that’s closer than you may realize.

Adventurous nurses can find more freedom living in an RV – maybe you’re one of the travel nurses meant for the full-time RV life!

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