Travel Nurse Company: Choosing a Travel Nurse Company?

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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

July 20, 2017



Ask A Travel Nurse: Choosing a Travel Nurse Company?

What travel companies have you had the most success with … and the least? Any recommendations?

Thank you, CardiacRN


Thank you for reading GypsyNurse and contacting me.  Choosing a travel nurse company can be so frustrating. However, when you find the company(s) that you love, the search will be worth it!

I have worked for a variety of companies from the large nationally known ones to the smaller family/nurse owned ones.  I will not give a specific company recommendation on this site.

Choosing a travel nurse company (and recruiter) is a very personal thing. A lot of the success between traveler and recruiter/agency relies on common ground. Does the agency provide the benefits that are important to you? Are they available? Do they have contracts where you want to go? These are all questions that are specific to each individual travel nurse.

My general preference has been for a smaller company.  I like the personal attention, the fact that I only deal with one person for everything and I get to develop a more deep relationship with the recruiter.

If your struggling with finding a company, you might want to read Step #7  (Research Travel Nurse Companies) in my Travel Nurse Guide. Additionally, once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you can ask for feedback on our Travel Nurse Network group on Facebook.

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