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By Lirika Hart

June 4, 2021



How to Keep Your Adventurous Soul Alive as a Travel Nurse

A travel nurse is a nursing specialty, whereby the nurse takes on a contract for a very set frame of time where he or she is assigned to in a particular location. Many agencies can place travel nurses into specific assignments in different states and provinces and all over the world. A usual assignment might last from anywhere between 8 to 30 weeks or so. The typical average is approximately 14 weeks or so. For many nurses with an adventurous soul, this is sufficient time to soak up a whole new country or new city and take a look at its culture. Apart from that, it is also an excellent opportunity to positively impact the lives of its citizens that require nursing care.  However, many nurses can get jaded with the routine of near-constant travel. Let us see what you can do to keep your adventurous soul alive as a travel nurse:

Space out your Assignments

Once you end an assignment, it is very important to opt to take at least some time off before sending in a request for another position that begins immediately. It is very important to understand that this is precisely this very job flexibility that is one of the single most important perks of any good travel nurse’s career. Look at it this way. Not only will you always get to be in the driver’s seat, but you will also be able to decide where and when you will be able to work. This will enable you to plan around any and all of your planned or, for that matter, unplanned life events.

Participate in a Charity Fundraiser

 As all nurses know, helping the needy is a highly rewarding activity. If you participate in local fundraising activities and walks, you won’t feel lonely in a strange land. Apart from that, it will also connect you to the world around you. This way, you won’t get the time to feel homesick as such. Such activities are also a great opportunity to meet new friends and other people who might feel as passionate as you when working for the same causes.

Let The Spirit Of High Adventure Re- Invigorate Your Soul

You should become a holiday spirit instigator. For example, you can go about starting a potluck with the other members of your nursing unit. Or you can do the same with the family that has hired your services.  Or you can invite other travelers who are from your home town or nation. Have people bring a dish to your place for your one-dish party. This will effectively eliminate the shear stress of preparing lots of food for everyone in the group. It is also a good idea to actively encourage healthy options apart from the standard party fare junk food.  These friendly invitations have the potential to lead to many long-lasting relationships, especially in a place you might consider your home even while being away from home.

Secure an International Driving Permit

There are few things as important as independent travel, especially when you live and travel in another country. You will be able to use your own transport while commuting from home and work, or even when you want to take in the countryside on your day off. This is why it is very important to secure an international driving permit beforehand.

Make Your Home As Comfortable As Possible

Sometimes, you will have to rent a place to stay for a long time. Under the circumstances, it is important to make your new home as comfortable as possible. You should personalize the environment around you, so you don’t feel lonely. How about making your kitchen cabinets look just like the ones you have back home so you won’t feel nostalgic?


All travel nurses can avoid becoming jaded if they take the time out to like the places where they go. They can personalize their living spaces and acquire their own transport to retain their independence.

We hope you found these tips for keeping your adventurous soul alive while travel nursing helpful. Have you found activities to do to keep your adventurous soul alive while travel nursing? Comment your tips for keeping your adventurous soul alive below.

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