Flying for Less; Travel Tips and Tricks for Travel Nurses

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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

December 7, 2018



Flying for Less

15 ways to save, stat!

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Chances are your travel nurse assignment has you away from loved ones and family. And with the holiday season approaching, you may be looking for ways to get home. So we’ve scoured the Internet for the best advice on how you can save on your air travel. These tips are so good; you can use them at any time. Happy flying!

1. Avoid Peak Season-

For example, you can check out majors school vacation holidays and big events and make sure that you are going before or after these events will help with crowding and cost

2. Fly Indirect-

It might take a little longer but if you have the time, getting connecting flights can be fun and could save you a lot of cash

3. Mix and Match Flights-

Sometimes flying out on one carrier and your return flight on another can be cheaper

4. Avoid Baggage Fees

Max out the size of the bag that is included in your ticket if one exists, then max out your carry on, and if you still need more room to consider shipping things ahead the most economical way, like ground

5. BYOS-

Bring your own snacks to avoid the high cost of a la cart airplane food and beverages

6. Save on Travel Insurance-

Take advantage of discounts when you insure more than one flight rather than getting insurance for a single trip

7. Go the Extra Mile-

Travel from an airport where fees are less expensive even if it is a bit further from your home or work

8. Reserve Parking in Advance-

Pre-booking airport parking usually is discounted compared to same day rates

9. Book Smarter-

Airlines tend to release new fares mid-week, so consider booking on a Tuesday or Wednesday to see if any sales pop up

10. Low Price Guarantee-

Some U.S. airlines have guaranteed airfare policies that enable you to claim a refund for the difference if the price of your flight becomes available for less after you book it

11. Pick a Good Day-

Flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday will often get you the lowest airfare within the U.S. because fewer people want to travel on these days

12. Comparison Shop-

Websites such as Expedia, Skyscanner, Orbitz, and Travelocity compile data from numerous airlines quickly and offer various scenarios for travel

13. Try a Travel Agent-

There’s no risk of checking with a local travel agent to see if they can beat your lowest price

14. Use Reward Points-

Chances are you have accumulated points from credit cards or your banking activities, just check the restrictions

15. Book in Advance-

Most airlines start to hike up rates when you book within 14 days of travel

Have any good ideas for us? Let us know! Comment below or send us a message with your top tips for saving when you fly!

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