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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

November 10, 2016



What to Expect on Your First Day in a Travel Nurse Assignment – The Gypsy Nurse LIVE

Every Monday at 2pm e.s.t. in November you will be able to catch The Gypsy Nurse live on our Facebook Travel Nurse Network group discussing popular travel nurse questions. We will be using Facebook Live, which is a live-stream video where people can comment while the live stream is recording. This gives you an opportunity to connect with the person recording and post any comments or questions about the topic they are speaking of.

Gypsy Live

This week’s topic was “What to Expect on your First Day of Contract”. The Gypsy Nurse Founder Candy Treft broke down what to expect in 4 parts. Below are the 4 parts and the original video where Gypsy explains these in more details, including what to do when you’re “thrown to wolves” on your first day and what to do when you show up for your first day and no one knows you’re supposed to be there!

1.) Do a Test Run before you start your first day

-Always try to familiarize yourself with the route to the hospital, the hospital campus, and even the parking lot.
-Time yourself and figure the best route to get to work, figure out where you’re going to park. Leave at the time your shift would be starting and account for traffic.
-Tour the hospital and bring goodies (goodwill gestures) for the nurses. Be friendly but not intrusive and if nurses aren’t busy ask questions about traffic and anything you’d like to know before your first day.
-Stop by HR, even if it’s closed it’s still good to know where it is.
-Find your unit you will be working in.

2.) Pre-Pack like you’re going to work right away

You will never know what to expect on your first day and you will always have surprises!

Things to remember to pack on your first day:

  1. Always bring a paper copy or digital copy of all your paperwork. Your paperwork will not always be in HR when you get there so it’s good to come prepared.
  2. Pack a snack and bottle of water. You never know what you will be doing or how long orientation is. Also, bring cash just in case some places don’t take credit cards.
  3. Always have everything you need as if you’re going straight to work.

3.) Get a good night’s sleep

Do whatever you need to do is relax. Create your pre-first-day routine. Some people will have a glass of wine, take a bath, exercise, meditation, or yoga. Try to avoid sugar and caffeine.

4.)  Arm yourself with optimism

Being optimistic is the most important for being successful. Go in armed with good thoughts and accept there will be bumps in the road. Just know you’ll learn to roll with it and overcome it.

5) What should you expect

Expect the unexpected. Whatever you expect is going to happen is not always going to happen. There is no set standard, every hospital and orientation is different. You will always have first day nerves.

6.) If things aren’t going well, then you’re starting your count down

It doesn’t matter how long your contract is, it’s always a good idea to count down how many days you have left until it’s done. Knowing you have so many days until you’re done can help you get through those rough days.

Gypsy Live

To see the original video with comments from members of The Travel Nurse Network group, click here.

Next week’s topic is How to Choose your Next Location. Please make plans to watch the next live stream of Gypsy LIVE on November 14th on The Travel Nurse Network.

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