Working the Holiday: Happy Holidays On or Off the Job

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By TNAA- Travel Nurse Across America

November 23, 2021



Happy Holidays On or Off the Job

This article was provided by TNAA Healthcare.

Nurses are always on the go! It’s the nature of life as a healthcare worker, and it’s especially true for travel nurses who move every few months. Though you’re used to the hustle and bustle, the holidays approaching remind us to take breaks and slow down to be present in the moment, both on and off the job.

Taking off for the Holiday

Travel nurses can take off weeks at a time between contracts, but if you just want off for a few days, here’s how to get it in your assignment contract.

Transparency in Your Resume

Talk with your recruiter and make sure the days you want off are listed upfront in your resume. It might determine if a hospital chooses to interview you, but being transparent is of utmost importance and will get you interviews with nurse managers who don’t have an issue with your PTO.

Spirit of Compromise

During your hospital interviews, embrace the spirit of compromise! Let the nurse manager know if you are willing to work other holidays, like New Year’s Day. Make sure you send a follow-up email to the nurse manager to thank them for their time and give a brief overview of what you discussed, including your time off, so that you have it for your records.

Working the Holiday

Maybe you’re planning to work the holiday. After all, as a travel nurse, you can celebrate the holiday a little off schedule to take advantage of cheaper flights and fewer crowds and traffic jams. AAA expects a significant rebound in holiday travel this year with an estimated 53.4 million people in the air or on the roads for Thanksgiving, and no one wants to be stuck in that. Still, how do you make the most of the holidays when you are away from loved ones?

Getting in the Holiday Spirit at Work

Nurses are the source of joy for patients stuck in the hospital during the holidays. So, while it is a bummer that you aren’t with your loved ones, you can get into the spirit and boost your morale by celebrating with your patients and fellow healthcare professionals. Spread cheer by donning holiday apparel, playing music, or asking patients about their traditions.

Enjoying the Perks

Ask your recruiter or agency what the rate is for holiday and overtime pay, and cash in on the benefits! Remember, even if you work a holiday and have overtime hours, you’ll get paid at one rate for the day (whichever is higher), not for both rates. Maybe the extra cash can go toward a nice vacation, extra presents for your friends and family, or a splurge for yourself!

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