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(800) 240-2526
5020 North Shore Dr. , Suite 2, North Little Rock, AR, 72118
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Tyler, TX
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I have over 26 assignments with TNAA. I had always had the support I needed. Strong internal staff has made every new assignment painless to get started at. From QA to payroll the entire company works with you and together for a smooth start, and best of all they do not forget about you after you get started with them. They stay in touch, checking up making sure you are ok and your needs are being met. This is not the company I started traveling with, but as long as they stay amazing they likely will be the company I am with until I stop traveling.
Robb McClune, ICU Idaho Falls, ID
regidtered nurse
Guy A D'Arezzo, telemetry florida
I have been traveling with TNAA for two years. It has been an amazing experience. My recruiter is very attentive and always finds a job that is a perfect fit for my family and I. TNAA has an amazing support staff that helps you every step of the way including housing, continuing education, any clinical experience and compliances. I have been able to travel all over from New Jersey to New Mexico. I have enjoyed seeing some beautiful parts of the country that I never would have been able to experience without working for this company. It is obvious that this company cares about their employees and does everything possible to make it a positive experience.
Melissa Jones, Tele/PCU RN
Sarah, Rebekah, TNAA rocks!
This company is awesome! Particularly Sarah Chisholm and Rebekah Fanale! They have both been incredibly helpful, pleasant, prompt, kind, and genuinely excited throughout the process from start to assignment and beyond. If you can be so lucky as to have them as your Recruiter(s), you can be set up well. I'm excited to see what the future holds! Thank you Sarah! Thank you Rebekah! Thank you TNAA! ❤️
Wayne Williams, PCU RN San Antonio, Texas
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