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By The Gypsy Nurse

August 13, 2018



Trusted Resources

This comprehensive travel nurse resource list was compiled from other Gypsy Nurses just like you.

We’ve prepared this so you have a place to find everything easily. Most importantly bookmark this page so you can refer back easily.

Travel Nurse Licensing Resources

The Gypsy Nurse® (TGN) offers multiple licensing resources to answer your licensing questions.

Information on eNLC (Compact License):


For more information on licensing check out our articles on licenses.

Travel Nurse Pay Resources

Travel nurse pay is one of the biggest questions when researching Travel Nursing. The Gypsy Nurse® (TGN) offers multiple resources to answer your travel nurse pay questions.


Travel Nurse Tax Resources

For more information on Travel Nurse Taxes check out our great selection of tax articles.

Travel Nurse Housing

The Gypsy Nurse has several ways to help you in your housing search!!

Our Website:
We respect our community and their personal information; your information will not (and has not) ever been repackaged and sold to agencies. Click here to find your dream housing now: Travel Nurse Housing through our partnership with Furnished Finder

Facebook Housing Group:
Our Facebook Housing group is a real-time access to housing. Although not as easily searched, you can post your needs and are certain to get a response.

The Gypsy Nurse has partnered with Hotel Engine to provide Travel Nurses with great discounts on top hotels across the USA. Join FREE through The Gypsy Nurse!

Additional Resources for Housing

Tips from The Gypsy Nurse:

Nursing Forums & Social Networking

  • The Gypsy Nurse Network via Facebook – A community full of travelers.  A great resource to find community support, make friends, and organize travel nursing activities together.  Come join in on the Caravan.
  • The Gypsy Nurse Fan Page:  This is where all the latest articles from the website can be found. Become a Fan today!
  • Gypsy Nurse Jobs:  Find your next position by connecting with recruiters and other travel medical professionals.

Hospital Research

Test Prep and Help

Industry Information

  • CDC – Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • FDA – US Food and Drug Association
  • HHS – US Department of Health & Human Services

Most importantly, please add any additional travel Nurse resource links in the comments. Through a collaborative effort, the community can support mutual successes.

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Since just recently joining The Gypsy Nurse, I have had so many questions answered about the world of travel nursing. This has been an excellent resource!
—Meagan L. | Cath Lab