Travel Nurse Step by Step: Benefits of Travel Nursing


By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

August 8, 2018



Step #2: What Do You Want/Need Out of Travel Nursing

The benefits of Travel nursing

The benefits of travel nursing vary from traveler to traveler. When a traveler has defined the individual wants and needs, the benefits become obvious.

To help guide you, we’re going to discuss what you personally want and need out of Travel Nursing. Once the travel nurse knows what the wants and needs are, it becomes easy to communicate these with the agency/recruiter. When seeking a contract with a good fit, it’s important to know and communicate what’s important to you.

Remember that handy list on why you want to travel from Step #1? Let’s turn that page over and make another list. Brainstorm your personal wants and needs. Don’t worry about making it perfect right now. Just jot down everything you can think of that you want and/or need from travel nursing.

benefits of travel nursing

The Possibile Benefits of Travel Nursing

When looking at the benefits of travel nursing, it’s important to understand that the benefits directly coincide with your individual wants and needs. The needs are obviously items that you can’t do without, and the wants are an added benefit.


  • 12 or 8-hour shifts
  • To work in a teaching or non-teaching facility
  • To work in a  small or a large hospital
  • To be in a particular part of the country.
  • To be located in a specific state
  • The ability to pick up overtime.
  • A guarantee of hours
  • Insurance or other benefits

 Needs might include:

  • The ability to have your family/pet travel with you.
  • A specific salary
  • A specific shift
  • Time off during contract dates for special event.
  • Health Insurance
  • Specific start date

There are many other wants/needs, and these are individual to each traveler, but how do you determine what’s truly want and what items are needed to make it a great contract?

Only you can determine which of the items listed are truly needs vs wants.


I might want to start on September 1st but need to be finished with my contract by a certain date due to a family event in a different state than the contract.

Do you want to be on the west coast or do you need to be in California because your daughter is having her first baby?

Now that you have a brainstorm list go back through it and highlight items that are true NEEDS. Continue working on your personal want/need list; when you finished, you can return to the introduction or move forward or back using the article links below.

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