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By TNAA- Travel Nurse Across America

September 26, 2023



How to Ace Your Travel Nurse Interview

TNAA-Travel Nurse Across America provided this article.

Preparing for a travel nurse interview might seem overwhelming, but you can increase your chances of success with the right strategies. Discover tips and techniques to help ace your interview and land your dream travel nursing assignment.

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Showcase Your Strengths

During the interview, be ready to provide specific, detailed examples that showcase your nursing experience and skills. Instead of being caught off guard by questions, prepare in advance by thinking about situations that highlight your strengths. It can be helpful to narrate a story that outlines the context, your actions, and the outcomes. This approach helps interviewers see how you’ve made a positive impact in your previous roles.

Avoid Over-Generalization and Excessive Self-Promotion

Steer clear of making broad, over-generalized statements about your skills. Instead, let your specific experiences and interactions represent your candidacy. Similarly, avoid excessive self-promotion or bragging about your qualifications.

Ask Questions

Asking thoughtful questions shows your eagerness to learn more about the facility and how you can contribute effectively as a travel nurse. Here are some examples of questions to ask during your interview:

  • Can you describe a typical shift on the floor or unit?
  • What should I expect from the orientation process?
  • What is the typical nurse-to-patient ratio?
  • What resources are available to support nurses?
  • What is scheduling like for weekends and holidays?
  • Where can I, as the traveler on the unit, make the greatest positive impact? 
  • What are the biggest struggles and challenges in the unit?

You’ll also want to confirm necessary details about your contract, such as:

  • Your start date
  • The shift hours
  • Your first-day contact

Also, consider asking questions to verify the facility’s float policy:

  • Does your facility include your perm staff in your floating?
  • Do you provide orientation to units you float to?
  • If I am ICU, where does your facility float me (PCU, TELE, MS)? 
  • Will I be floated to different units in the same shift? 
  • What are the ratios for me as a float?

Engage in the Conversation

Active engagement during the interview is a key factor for success. Display a genuine interest in the conversation, as nurses who actively participate tend to perform better in interviews. Smile with your voice, be sincere, and let your enthusiasm shine through.

Highlight Your Flexibility and Willingness to Adapt

Travel nurses who emphasize their flexibility, willingness to float, and ability to require minimal orientation are highly attractive to hiring managers and directors. Additionally, mentioning your commitment to improving HCAHPS scores will capture the interviewer’s attention, demonstrating your dedication to quality patient care.

After Your Interview

When the interview is over, show your appreciation by saying, “Thank you for your time.” If you are interested in the position, be sure to let your interviewer know. A follow-up email expressing your enthusiasm for the assignment and reiterating key discussion points is also a thoughtful gesture and can be valuable, especially if there are changes in management before your assignment begins.

Making a lasting impression during a travel nurse interview requires preparation, active engagement, and effective communication. By following these tips and strategies, you can enhance your interview performance and increase your chances of securing the travel nurse jobs you desire.

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