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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

March 24, 2019



Ask A Travel Nurse: Pay for Certification Renewals

travel nurse pay for certification renewal

Does the agency or the travel nurse pay for certification renewal? The Gypsy Nurse strives to be your #1 source for Travel Nursing Answers. For new and experienced travelers alike. CHECK HERE to see if your travel nurse question has already been answered.

Does the agency or the travel nurse pay for certification renewal?

Travel Nurse certification renewals are generally the responsibility of the travel nurse. Unfortunately, as a travel nurse; you will generally be responsible for maintaining all of your certifications.  Occasionally, you will find a staffing agency that will assist with these costs but it isn’t the norm in the industry.


Does the Agency or travel Nurse Pay for Certification Renewal?

Renewing certifications while on contract can be challenging.  If you don’t negotiate this expense into your contract, you will need to make arrangements. Additionally, it’s important to keep track of all of your renewals, nursing licenses and certifications.

  • Find/locate the classes needed.
  • Registration
  • Plan for the financial costs (many of these certifications can be costly)
  • Arrange appropriate time off work to attend the classes.

Negotiate travel nurse pay for certification renewals

It’s important to remember that everything the company provides comes directly from the bill rate. If you take money in one place it comes out of another. Some travel nurse contracts will provide a re-imbursement or offer to cover these costs. Make sure to address this as well as any other pay questions or issues in your travel nurse contract negotiations.

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