Travel Insurance for the Travel Nurse: Tips for Travel Nurses

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By The Gypsy Nurse

October 2, 2017



Travel Insurance for the Travel Nurse

They say that hoping that the world will be good for you because you are a good person is like believing that a lion will not eat you just because you are a vegetarian. You are a good person, giving a great service so why would anyone want to do something bad to you? Well, the short answer is that the world is just like that! Sad but true, you could be the world’s kindest and most dedicated travel nurse, but there are occasions when having insurance is going to be the best service you ever gave yourself.

We’re going to discuss two types of insurance that you may want to consider as a Travel Nurse.


The intention here is not to be alarmist or cause panic but the truth is that we have travel insurance for a reason and that reason happens to be a whole world of possibilities that we cannot foresee as we walk out of our doors going for that long-awaited holiday or as we hit the road to work away from home.

As a travel nurse, you spend a lot of time away from home where you are known and know people. Statistics show that you are a far easier target of car or residence break in when you are in an unfamiliar area. ( I know this because I’ve been robbed while traveling). This is because the criminals know you will have a difficult time identifying them even if you were to walk in on them. There is also the perception of outsiders being more affluent which makes people who are unknown and especially professionals a greater target of felons.

While you could have had months or even years on the road incident free, it is important to prepare for that unfortunate situation which could arise on your next assignment. Travel insurance, in many cases, is quite affordable and this makes it a sensible option for anyone who travels a lot. Travel insurance generally covers you if you are ‘traveling’ more than 100 miles away from home. With the many different products available, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your personal property is covered in case of theft at a temporary home you are living in or even at your next temporary workstation.

Getting the right product is as important as actually signing up for the travel insurance. There are many products available, but only a handful is designed to cater to the unique situations of a travel nurse. You should look for a company that has a track record of offering excellent services and products specifically to travel nurses and not one that offers general travel insurance which does not take into account the unique circumstances of your occupation.

There are many travel insurance options available but you, as a travel nurse, must find the one company that offers a product that is as unique as your working and living situation. Nomadic Matt (world traveler and blogger) has some great advice on selecting your Travel Insurance.


What will Homeowners or Renters Insurance cover if I travel? Many people have opened up to the idea of Homeowners or Renters Insurance in case of any unforeseen circumstances that might lead them to lose their belongings. These include fires and theft. The idea of this type of insurance is to cover your home, and/ or your belongings. But what would you expect to be covered if say you are a travel nurse and often on the move?

If you are at the store doing some shopping and happen to be robbed of your belongings, your Homeowners or Renters Insurance should be able to cover this if you have it under your benefits. Items that are in your car, if they are not attached, should be covered under this type of insurance and not auto insurance as most assume. The cost of having items in your car covered against theft costs about $25 a year and carries limits of around $1000 for laptops and $200 for cell phones. Before filing for a claim, it is advisable to check with your credit card company as some of them offer relief for items that were bought using the card, but that did not get home safely.

Airports and Luggage

As a travel nurse, you should know if one of the benefits you get from your Homeowners or Renters Insurance has to do with luggage. Most types of insurance cover lost luggage, but only a percentage of the total value of insurance that is provided for in the agreement. All you have to do for the claim is to list all the items that were in your luggage before it was misplaced. The trick about filing for a claim lies in the worth of the item. If it is very close to or less than the amount you pay in premium, then it is not worth filing the claim. However, it is more expensive, it is wise to file the claim as the insurance bears the heavier burden of replacing the item.

Hotel theft

There are cases of precious items such as jewelry being stolen in hotels. Homeowners and Renters Insurance cover this. Most insurance covers a percentage of the limit based on the total value of the cover. It is, therefore, unlikely that you will get a full refund matching the value of your jewelry, but you will be able to recover a part of the cost. If you are in a job that demands travels such as being a travel nurse, it would be best to ensure such precious items separate as they are better covered than when they are lumped up under Homeowners and Renters Insurance.

My best advice is to check with your current insurance agent and confirm what coverage you currently have and modify it as needed.

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