Five Tips for Acing Your Travel Nurse Video Interview

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By TNAA Healthcare

May 19, 2019



Five Tips for Acing Your Travel Nurse Video Interview

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With advancements in technology, more and more hospitals are using travel nurse video interviews.

Travel nurses often find themselves having to participate in interviews with nursing managers and HR professionals at a potential assignment location hundreds of miles away. Phone interviews are common, though we know body language speaks volumes. Technology can definitely help bridge that gap by using video to interview candidates. However, many people find video interviews to be intimidating and difficult to navigate.

Here are five tips to help you ace your travel nurse video interview and score your dream assignment.

Video interviews don’t have to be daunting or nerve-wracking.

1.) Is Your Environment Appropriate?

Think about what most in-person interview environments are like. You’ll usually find yourself in a quiet room with minimal distractions. You’re likely offered a bottle of water or coffee. Use a quiet room in your home, and if other people or pets are home, ensure you won’t be interrupted. Make sure you have water to sip on – nerves and talking can provoke thirst!

Test your camera and see what your backdrop looks like. If you’re comfortable showing off your collection of Star Wars figures or Cabbage Patch Kids, go with it — but a blank wall or a bookshelf is always safe. Make sure the room is well lit, and the interviewer will clearly see your face. Reserving a private room at a co-working space or your local library is also a great alternative.

2.) Test Your Technology!

One of the #1 things that can go wrong with video interviews is technology mishaps. Some blunders are unavoidable, such as a storm taking out your WiFi, but many can be prevented by testing your computer or smartphone, webcam, and audio tools. Make sure your device is fully charged, and check your internet speed with test videos to makes sure everything runs smoothly.

You can even ask a friend to do a test run with you on another computer, so you see how everything looks and sounds and determine where to place your webcam for natural eye contact. Look at the camera rather than your screen. Making eye contact over video can feel awkward at first, so remember not to overcompensate by staring.

3.) Find Your Zen

It’s completely normal to feel nervous before an interview. After all, your dream assignment could be on the line. Do whatever it is that helps you relax. Mediate, practice some deep breathing exercises, or do five to ten minutes of yoga beforehand to get centered. You can ask your recruiter for a few quality questions to ask and practice the routine with them.

One important thing to remember is the person interviewing you might be nervous too! An interview is a two-way street, and you are both assessing mutual fit. Be yourself and answer questions honestly and openly. Ask questions that help you determine if it’s the right job for you. Once you get into a good conversation, any anxiety will likely melt away.

4.) Dress To Impress

It can be tempting to dress down during a video interview since they won’t be seeing your entire outfit. Be yourself and dress as you would if you were going to an in-person interview. Even if no one sees how great you look, you’ll feel more confident, and that will shine through in your interview.

Make sure whatever outfit you choose doesn’t blend into the background. You don’t want to appear as a floating head on the interviewer’s screen! If you aren’t sure what to wear, err on the side of more formal, or ask your recruiter for suggestions. They are there to help!

5.) Body Language Matters

Some people speak with their hands more than others. It’s ok to make hand gestures, but make sure they stay within the video frame so they make sense with your speech. It’s appropriate to nod when you are engaging with something the interviewer says. Make sure you have good posture – it projects confidence and professionalism.

Finally, don’t forget to smile! If you seem scared or frozen in place, the interviewer might wonder how you’ll react in an emergency on the job, even if you’re just nervous about the interview. You know you’ve got the skills and confidence to be a great fit for any assignment, so don’t be afraid to let your confidence shine!

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