Travel Nursing: Thoughts from a child of a Travel Nurse

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By The Gypsy Nurse

December 18, 2013



Travel Nursing: Thoughts from a Traveling Child

The following is a Guest Post via Kalen Weldon

Travel nursing to me when I was a child was something I didn’t really understand.

I just knew my mom worked really hard and it was her dream to be a travel nurse.  When we hit the open road, I began to enjoy traveling lifestyle more and more.

Yes, I missed usual teen things as in school dances, prom, etc, and most of my socializing over the internet.  But that’s just how things are when you are only in one spot for 6 months.

“…most importantly, I’m grateful for my mother who showed me that with a great work ethic, your dreams and goals can come true.” – Kalen

In trade, I got to see so many things…

Such as the Mall Of America, a Tennessee Titans football game, a Minnesota Twins game, and beaches on both the East and West coast.  In fact, I’ve even gone fishing in both oceans a few times.

That was just some of the fun things I got to do as a child. From an educational stand point, I got to learn about our country. I’ve toured countless battle ships, submarines and battle fields.

I’ve learned a lot about our history that our school systems don’t teach.

Like The Battle of Corinth in Corinth, Mississippi was the most deadly battle in our nation’s history, it was also a critical point in the civil war. I also learned that following a fierce night of British bombardment, the dawn of September 14, 1814, revealed the huge American flag still fluttering over Fort McHenry. In a burst of patriotic pride, lawyer Francis Scott Key penned four verses he dubbed “Defense of Fort McHenry.” Within weeks, it was published with sheet music under a more lyrical title, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” The song, that became the American national anthem in 1931.

So, how has my experience as a travel nursing child transformed into my life as an adult?

It’s been fantastic. I wouldn’t change a thing about my life and traveling with my mom.

My wife graduated high school 4 years ago; her brother graduated 2 years ago. We talk about our nation’s history and when I bring up some of the battles, battlefields, or the wars, they have learned everything from a book; whereas, I have learned everything through experience.

When my wife and I travel to place, we taking our time and really enjoy what nature has provided us and we look for historical places to visit.  I have memories that I’ll never forget, stories I can tell my kids. I’m more grateful for what I have, the things I get to do and most importantly, I’m grateful for my mother who showed me that with a great work ethic, your dreams and goals can come true.

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