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By The Gypsy Nurse

February 9, 2019



Travel Nurses Stay Fit While Exploring: Running Tours

How do Travel Nurses Stay Fit?

Travel Nurses stay fit in a multitude of ways. Now travel nurses can stay fit at the same time they are exploring their new city!

Are you a runner?  Enjoy exploring a new city?  Hate running alone?  Looking for a running partner? Tired of the treadmill? Wanting to find a great way to incorporate running and being a tourist? I ran (no pun intended) across a some sites that combines running with tourism.

City Running Tours

City Running Tours currently operates in 14 different cities across the USA and many of these are locations that use a lot of Travel Nurses!

  • Washington DC
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Denver
  • and MORE!

GO! Running Tours

GO! Running Tours offers a Beer Running tour in Asheville. It begins and ends the run with Asheville’s newest and biggest brewery to date, New Belgium! They offer a variety of other tours in Asheville and many more not just in the USA, but throughout the world – so you can keep running and touring all over the world.

  • 7 North America Locations
  • 4 South America Locations
  • 6 Asia Locations
  • 2 Africa Locations
  • 1 Location in Sydney Australia
  • 43 European Locations

Why not try out one of these running tours?

As a Travel Nurse, sometimes it’s difficult to maintain a fitness routine.  Many times, we are too involved in exploring the new city, trying to make social contacts and learning the new facility that we have landed in to give time needed to our personal wellness. The treadmill at the hotel or apartment community do little to entice you to get motivated.  Watching the news or the latest episode of what-ever reality show is currently playing on the wall mounted TV while you sweat away isn’t the most optimal of enjoyment.

What are your thoughts?  Have you done one of these before?  Willing to try it out?  Maybe you think this is CRAZY?   Let me know in the comments below.

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