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By The Gypsy Nurse

April 17, 2019



Obtaining RN License by Endorsement

The steps to obtain an RN license by endorsement are varied by state. The following lists the 4 things that most states will require for RN license by endorsement.

If you hold a current and active RN License in the US, you are eligible to obtain additional state licenses through a process called endorsement or reciprocity.

RN License by Endorsement Requirements

1. Verifications

Most RN license applications will require that you verify ALL other RN Licenses. This can add time if you are already licensed in states that take a long time to process verifications like California and New York.

2. CEU’s

CEU requirements are different for each state. Some states require a minimum number of CEU’s. Others, require specific CE’s (KY requires a domestic violence CE). And a few states don’t require any CE’s at all.

3. Live Scan or Fingerprint Cards

Almost all states now require some sort of fingerprinting for RN licensure. Some states, like CA will require ‘Live Scan’. Search here for live scan locations. Fingerprints – L1 Identity Locations

Fingerprint cards are generally obtained directly from the BON to your mailing address. These are coded for each state, therefore it’s important to obtain them from the BON.

4. Transcripts

Additionally, many states also require that you provide your nursing education transcripts in order to obtain licensure by endorsement. You can obtain these for a small fee – mailed directly to the state BON – from your educational facility.

Most importantly, check each individual state BON for specific requirements for RN License by Endorsement. Additionally, check this CHEAT SHEET for general license timelines. This will help you determine what states you might want to search for jobs in.

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