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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

June 15, 2017



Nurse Travel with A Spouse or “Tag-A-Long”

I know that many travel nurses travel with a spouse or significant other and began wondering what it was like for those that tag along. There isn’t really any support system for this unique group of people, and I wanted to provide insight into what it is like and the daily challenges for this group of people.

What is a tag-a-long?  I originally found the term when I was researching travel nursing blogs.  I found a blog of a self-proclaimed ‘tag-a-long and loved the term.  (I’ve searched back through my internet history and can’t find the link, so if this is you, please contact me, and I’ll give the appropriate link!  UPDATE:  I have found the source!  Stay tuned next week for the interview with the Original TagALong!)  Many travel nurses travel with a significant other, a spouse, a close friend, or another family member.  These are tag-a-longs. I wanted to find out what it’s like to live the Travel Nurse life as a Tag-A-Long, and here is what I found out.

Thanks go to Sam, a self-proclaimed ‘best-friend tag-a-long who agreed to answer a few questions.  Sam has been tagging along since July 31st, 2010, Almost 2.5 years.

Here is what Sam had to say about living the Travel Nursing Life as a tag-a-long:

Why did you choose to live a life of Travel Nursing?

My wife Kristen (A Travel Physical Therapist) and I wanted to explore the country before we had obligations such as a mortgage or children.  We both didn’t travel many places growing up and have been inspired by other friends to get out and see the world.  As we see more things and live in more places, I feel like we are able to get a better perspective on the world.

Do you work? From Home/Internet?

I own a small Mobile and Web Application development company, Handstand Technologies (, where I do consulting and build products.  I work primarily at home but occasionally at a client’s office, depending on my current works.  I’ve found some of my work through my existing connections, some through recruiters, and other work through new contacts I’ve met while traveling.  In my spare time over the last year, I’ve been developing a web and mobile application to help licensed healthcare professionals keep track of their licenses, CEUs, and work history. My wife’s work inspired this idea as a traveler.  There are too many things to keep track of, and no easy way to do it.  I’m developing this suite of tools to help travelers and other health care professionals.  I’m looking to release this at the end of January.  If anyone is interested in this or has anything else they’d like to see done, I’d be happy to hear from them by email (sam AT

What do you do when your Travel companion is working?

I work at home or at a client’s office.  I try to work the same hours as my wife when I can.

Do you get bored?

Bored of traveling?  No.  But I do have a desire to set more roots and have something to call our own.  We travel around with only what fits in our two cars, so it’s necessary to be minimalist. It’s really great, but it’s started to wear on you as time goes on.  We feel like we have another 2 years of traveling in us, but we might end up settling down after that.

What do you do to keep active/entertained?

We go running and check out local places.  We try to do new things as much as we can since we live in areas we have never been to before.  We are currently in the San Diego area, and I’ve bought a wet suit and surfboard. I don’t know when I’ll ever live somewhere where I can go surfing whenever I want, so you need to embrace what the area has to offer and try to enjoy it.

Do you utilize local clubs or groups like

I generally try to find other people in the mobile/web/software industry using and have been successful at finding a few people everywhere we go.

What is the biggest challenge for you?

The logistics in moving a lot.  You need to be ready to move with just a few days notice.  I’m generally in charge of finding housing, setting up utilities, etc.  The most notice we’ve ever had about an assignment was about 2.5 weeks, and the shortest was 4 days.  You must be able to “go with the flow” and figure out what the next best step is.  Finding housing can be a really big challenge if you decide to do it on your own.  We’ve opted to find our own housing for every assignment because we can generally find something cheaper than the stipend or find something that really works well.  When getting housing through your company, you will get something decent, but you run the risk of not finding a place you really like.

What is the best benefit for you?

Freedom and exploration.  We are getting to do things that most people will never do.  We have lived in 6 states so far and want to do a few more.  South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, Texas & California

What advice would you give to someone considering the life of a Tag-a-long?

Do it.  If you can find a way to make enough money to get by and not go crazy, it’s an amazing opportunity to explore the country with a friend/partner/etc.  I would recommend this for anyone who is able to do short-term contract work.  The priceless part about it is the extended breaks between contracts.  Working a full-time job year-round is exhausting and having a break between contracts help you recharge for your next assignment.

What term do you refer to yourself as?  Tag-A-Long, Side-kick, etc?

“Best Friend”.  It’s important to travel with someone who you can get through things with.  More than likely, you will not know anyone else when you get to your new assignment so you will interact even more with your traveling companion.  Be sure to travel with someone you can live with, get along with, and still enjoy each other’s company.

Is there something unique that you do, collect or save from your travels?

Kristen and I take a picture of everywhere we go and have all of this saved on a map.  I do handstands, and she does Jump-kicks.

I asked Sam for a photo or two to add to the article and he blew me away with his and Kristen’s Jump/Handstand photos.  I couldn’t choose just one, so I’ve posted the link for you to check them out.  What a fun way to capture the moment!

You can check out the photos on a map at and

Are you a healthcare provider or nurse that travel with a spouse?  I would love to hear your ‘tag-a-long story; if you are interested in contributing by sharing your story contact me.

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