North Carolina Travel Assignments: What Makes it Worth It

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By Providence Health Care Staffing

April 3, 2024



What Makes Traveling to North Carolina Worth It?

Providence Health Care Staffing provided this article.

North Carolina, the Tar Heel State, first in flight and home of the cardinal, is known to be a “jack of all trades” and a desired location for most travel health care professionals. But what makes traveling to North Carolina so worth it? When deciding on a destination to pick while you commence your travel endeavor, there are undoubtedly many factors to consider. The factors are personal preference, of course, and require weighing out what matters the most to you when you travel.

Below are some perks you will find if you choose to travel to North Carolina:

north carolina

Mountains to the beach

Unlike most states, North Carolina has two of the most favored vacation spots, only about 4-5 hours apart – the mountains and the beach. The southern state includes the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway, with some of the best hiking opportunities and breathtaking views on the east coast. It is the perfect way to get out into nature and just reset. The beaches are filled with some of the greatest natural sights and are well known for some of the most historic lighthouses available for touring. The beaches in NC are known for being cleaner and less crowded, with housing options geared more toward homes and families than flashy resorts.

Cost of living

Living expenses are far from affordable in most places. If you are considering moving to North Carolina, you will be pleased to know that the cost of living in NC is 5% lower than the national average and is one of the cheaper states in the country. Housing is 14% lower, and utilities are 2% below the average. Overall, it ranks as the 24th most affordable state in the US.


North Carolina

Once again, North Carolina is found to have “the best of both worlds,” even right down to the weather! NC is known for having all four seasons. In the early months of the year, the winter is dry and moderately cold. As spring comes, there are no low-humidity days that are warm and bright with occasional showers. Summer is moderately humid and very warm. Fall takes time to cool off, but the foliage is absolutely breathtaking (this is when you will want to make your trip to the Blue Ridge). Summer is a great time to venture to one of the state’s beaches. However, spring and fall are less humid and hot.


Do you ever consider furthering your education while on assignment? North Carolina would be the perfect spot to do so. Duke University in Durham, NC, is ranked the number 1 Nursing Program in the US. NC Chapel Hill, East Carolina, Wake Forest University, and Appalachian State University, for a few, all offer phenomenal online courses that you could take as you work if you’d like!


One of the best perks about moving to a new place is trying the food! When in North Carolina, you must try the barbecue. NC is a BBQ state, slow-cooked over hot coals; they have mastered the sweet and tangy flavor over the years. They also are the home of the first Krispy Kreme, Texas Pete, and Cheerwine – all of which you will have to indulge in!


North Carolina is known for many unique spectacles; sightseeing is a must! When making NC your home, whether permanent or temporary – try out America’s largest home! The Biltmore Estate is in Asheville, NC, and is a fantastic museum and tourist attraction. Other options include Battleship North Carolina, Wright Brothers National Memorial, Gem Mining, Greensboro Science Center, NC Zoo, and Carowinds (to be in North Carolina and South Carolina at once). While North Carolina has a lot of known attractions that you can see just by looking, try to find the hidden gems.

Getting to see the world must be one of the biggest and brightest perks of being a travel healthcare professional. Consider all aspects of where you go and why. Get up, get out, and see!

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