Packing a Go-Bag for Next Travel Assignments: Tips for Travel Nurses

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By Krucial Staffing

January 22, 2021



Packing a Go-Bag for Your Next Travel Assignment

This article was provided by Krucial Staffing.

What goes into packing a Go-bag? Recently we took to Instagram to ask our frontline workers what items they absolutely could not live without during an emergency assignment. Boy, did we enjoy reading the answers! Among the most popular responses were common “must-haves,” such as masks, scrubs, comfortable shoes, and proper identification. Other responders gave us a chuckle by replying with some not-so-obvious items, such as peanut butter and Siracha sauce. Many people suggested packing the adequate number of undergarments for those “just in case” moments when life gets busy and you need a clean pair. A few other “essentials” included peppermint oil, a coffee maker, laundry detergent, and a Brita water filter.

Although most items can be purchased once you reach your destination, it’s important to come as prepared as possible. Here is a list of items healthcare workers suggest:

Go-Bag Packing List:

Personal Items:

  • Toiletries (shampoo/conditioner, body wash, toothbrush and paste, etc.)
    Money (Cards and/or cash)
  • Vitamins and Medicine
    Feminine Products
  • First-Aid Kit and flashlight

Identification needs:


  • At least a week’s worth of scrubs
  • Comfortable shoes (bring a backup pair)
  • Extra undergarments
  • Masks, masks, and more masks

Go-Bag Comfort Items:

  • Photos of friends and family
  • Bath salts, compression socks, and melatonin for relaxation
  • Books, games, or puzzles for entertainment during your days off
  • Favorite blankets or pillows from home
  • Electronics (e.g., Firestick, Kindle), chargers, and headphones
  • Snacks (for your travels and the first couple of days before getting settled in)
  • Pen and Paper for notes
  • Water bottles and thermal cups/mugs for hot/cold drinks
  • Nightlights (hotel rooms can be hard to navigate)

Hopefully, this list will help you be prepared for your next assignment. Whether it’s your first or fifth assignment, it is vital to have a well-packed a go-bag.

Did we miss anything on the list that is essential for a go-bag? Please leave a comment below to help others.

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