12 Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Travel Nurses

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By Geraldine Mills

February 27, 2024



12 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts for Travel Nurse Moms

With Mother’s Day coming up, you might want to plan a gift for your mom, a travel nurse. If you can’t come up with ideas, here are some 12 thoughtful gift ideas that your mom might appreciate if they receive them.

12 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Travel Nurses

Mother's Day

1. Flower bouquets

There’s a reason why flower bouquets are still a go-to gift for mothers during their day. Receiving flowers no matter the occasion is always flattering, so giving them Mother’s Day flowers can be a great choice if you have a low-maintenance mom.

What’s great about flower bouquets as a gift for your traveling nurse mom is that it doesn’t need much upkeep or work on their part. They can leave it in a vase and admire it in their home. Every time they see it, it’ll remind them of you.

Just remember to get flowers your mother loves, if they have a favorite one. Also, giving a bouquet with a vase is excellent if you don’t think your mom has any vases in their home, especially when they’re traveling around a lot.

2. Personalized relaxation kit

When your mom is a traveling nurse, they have to tend to many other people as part of their job. Also, they must constantly adapt to new situations, coworkers, environments, etc. All of these together can be stressful, so giving them a gift that can help them relax is a great choice this Mother’s Day.

A great example of that would be a personalized relaxation kit.

Ask yourself what your mom likes to do to relax. Some prefer to read a good book while lighting a scented candle. Others stay in the bath and listen to their favorite album with a glass of wine. Every person is different.

You can create a relaxation kit filled with items that make for the perfect rest day for your mom based on what she wants.

3. Professional massage gift certificate

Speaking of relaxation, sometimes, the most relaxing thing one can do is to leave all of their stresses behind with the help of a good massage.

While relaxing at home is excellent, and having an at-home spa day is always a great time, sometimes, you want to leave it all to a professional. That’s why another easy gift to give your traveling nurse mom would be a professional massage gift certificate.

You can also get the whole pampering package here, so she can spend an entire day feeling pampered.

Given the challenging work they do in the hospital, spending the day getting a massage can help soothe these tired muscles.

4. Under-Shirts

Getting your traveling nurse mom a Mother’s Day gift that you know they’ll use is a great way to avoid the likelihood of you getting them something that could be a hassle to use. You also will avoid getting a gift they won’t use at all to the point of cluttering up their space.

If this sounds like a great idea, getting your mom some under-shirts can be a great choice. You can buy multiples of them so that they have something extra while their other under-shirts are still in the hamper. These will be great for the cooler months so they can feel warm as they work.

5. Fitness watch

A fitness watch can be great if your mom is into fitness. It can be an excellent way for them to track their steps and a great companion for people who travel often, which is what a traveling nurse does as part of the job.

If you want more functionality, you can get your mom a smartwatch so they can do more than just fitness-related activities.

Mother's Day

6. Travel Journal

If you know your mom enjoys tracking all the places they’ve been to as they travel for their job, then why not gift them a travel journal? It’s an excellent choice for moms who are sentimental and into self-reflection.

Ideally, it should be easy enough to carry so that it won’t make their bags heavy if they bring their travel journal.

7. Travel Scarf

An underrated travel item with a lot of versatility that your mom, a traveling nurse, can use would be a travel scarf.

Your mom can use this scarf for multiple purposes. They can use it as a fashion item. They can bundle it up and utilize it as a makeshift pillow while traveling. It’s also helpful in keeping warm. They can also use it as a mat to sit on the ground without getting dirty.

Just choose one scarf that comes in a style you know they’ll like, and you’ve got yourself an all-purpose gift for your mom.

8. Travel-friendly toiletries

Since traveling nurses must leave often, gifting them something like travel-friendly toiletries can significantly help.

Once they have to go to a new assignment, they can pull out these toiletries and make their way to their new job. Ensure that the containers for these toiletries are also leakproof so that they don’t have to deal with a mess in their luggage once they get to their new workplace assignment.

9. Nice pens

If you know that your mom loves stationery, consider getting them some nice pens they can use for their job. They should be nice pens that write well and are comfortable. Pens that they can pin to their clothes pockets at work are also a good choice.

Ideally, they shouldn’t have a pen cap to put on and off when using it. That’s why pens that you can click are a better choice.

Fountain pens might seem fancy, but they’re too much work and are impractical since travel nurses don’t work in an office. That’s why getting retractable pens is a better choice.

10. Nurse tote bag

Getting your mom a tote bag that they can use at work is another great Mother’s Day gift for them.

An ideal nurse tote bag has many pockets to ensure everything is where they are. You should also ensure that the tote bags are waterproof or resistant to protect their items against the elements. It should also be made from durable materials like canvas to last a long time.

11. Travel pillow

A travel pillow is an excellent gift for anyone who travels often so that it could be a fantastic gift for your mom, a travel nurse.

Invest in a travel pillow that offers comfort and relieves neck pain so your mom can sleep comfortably in transit.

12. Reusable water bottle

If you’re sure that your mom doesn’t have one yet, get them a reusable water bottle. You can even get water bottles in various colors and designs these days. You can even personalize it with the help of some waterproof stickers.


This Mother’s Day, give your mom the gift of joy with the help of these gift ideas for your travel nurse mom. Whether it’s a gift to help them destress or improve their work life, you should have an option available here.

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