Military Nurse Veteran to Travel Nursing: USA Navy

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By The Gypsy Nurse

November 5, 2018



Military Nurse Veteran to Travel Nursing: USA Navy

This Veterans day, the Gypsy Nurse would like to recognize Melissa, a Military Nurse Veteran that is now a member of our Gypsy Nurse Family.

Our first Military Nurse Veteran, Melissa Barham (pictured second from left above), served in the US Navy from 1990 to 1998. During her 8 year of service, she was stationed in: Guantanamo Bay, Korea, Japan, Washington DC, and California. Melissa states that she loved Japan and the Japanese people.

When asked about an experience to share, Melissa writes

“I have 8 years of stories but one that stands out is the following. I had the privilege and the honor of escorting remains home from overseas. It was heartbreaking, however the task was very important to me. I wanted to be sure everything was done right and I know that the family will never forget so I wanted to be sure things went as well as can be expected for the situation. Presenting the flag to the family members was probably the most important thing I have ever done. It was heartbreaking but I felt very honored to do this task.”

Transitioning to Travel Nursing

After her Military service, Melissa decided to travel to gain experience and to “see whats out there”. She wanted to see more of America and states that one of her favorite things is listening to stories from all the people she meets, patients and coworkers alike. One thing that stands out to Melissa as vastly different between Military and Travel Nursing is that “there is such diversity and individuality in civilian nursing and that leads to such an opportunity for enrichment and learning.”

Melissa further states that she has “often experienced the very best and the very worst humanity has to offer and sometimes in the same day. I carry these experiences with me and they have helped me become the person I am.”

Thank you Military Nurse Veteran, Melissa for your service to our country in both your Military career as well as your services as a Travel Nurse. Your commitment to our nations healthcare is humbly appreciated.

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