Kamana: The Last Travel Nurse Profile You’ll Ever Need

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By Triage Healthcare Staffing

October 4, 2021



Kamana: The Last Profile You’ll Ever Need

This article was provided by Triage Healthcare Staffing.

If you haven’t taken the travel plunge yet, you probably aren’t sure what it means to build out your profile. Quite simply, your traveler profile is like a neatly packaged, detailed resume that agencies can use to help you find a job. Every agency you work with requires you to build out a profile with them, and they use it to find a job, and then like magic, a love match happens.

How the Traveler Profile Currently Works

If you’re currently working with multiple agencies (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), you probably have quite a few profiles floating around in cyberspace, all that might include some personal info. Since each agency normally uses their own specific profile, this also means that you’ll have to update information over and over when something changes, like a license expiration date or even something as simple as receiving a yearly flu vaccine. Take a second and think about how many profiles you have out there and just how long it can take to update each one when you’re looking for a job. Annoying, right?

Enter the Kamana Profile

Kamana is an encrypted, universal profile that stores your information in one secure location. You can share your universal profile with multiple agencies, so say goodbye to creating and updating multiple profiles that need to be individually updated whenever you have a new piece of info. Update your info once, and your profile can be updated with multiple agencies with one click. Easy peasy.

Also gone are your paper folder and dusty laptop that you haul around from assignment to assignment. Since you access Kamana through a secure web app, you don’t need to text or email sensitive documents to your agency. Send the secured Kamana link and know that your data is safe.

What Info Can Kamana Manage

But what actually goes into a Kamana profile? Like an agency-specific profile, you’ll need to include personal info like your contact details and what you’re looking for in an assignment. Then, you can upload attachments, such as JPGs or PDFs of your license, certifications, or even vaccine records. The next step is to enter your work history, what electronic health record systems you’re experienced in, and even skills checklists.

How the Heck Does Kamana Actually Work?

Once you’ve completed your Kamana profile, you can choose to share your profile within the web app. Only recruiters or agencies that you create a relationship with are able to see your profile. Your profile comes with two versions—a limited view and a complete profile. With the limited view, agencies can only see your name, contact info, and a short summary of your qualifications.

With the full profile view, your receiver can see and download your full profile. In this case, your home address, work history, and reference contact info are available. Kamana recommends that you reserve a full profile share until you’re applying for a specific job with an agency. If you ever decide that you don’t want to work with a particular agency or recruiter anymore, you can also revoke access at any time.

In addition to making it incredibly simple to share your profile, Kamana also keeps track of any expiring licenses or vaccines and sends you a reminder before the expiration, so you are never caught off guard.

What if My Agency Doesn’t Take Kamana?

Over 100 agencies currently use Kamana to help speed up their onboarding process, but what if yours isn’t one of them? You can still send a link to your universal profile, and all the information your recruiter needs is at their fingertips, making your life easier.

Not a Traveler Yet? Kamana is Still for You

If you haven’t dipped your toes in the travel water, you can still take advantage of a Kamana profile. When your Kamana profile is up to date, Kamana can generate a downloadable PDF of your resume, so you don’t need to spend time formatting or updating information if you want to look for a new position. And, of course, Kamana still keeps track of your personal credentialing info and expiration dates, so you’re never unaware when something is about to expire.

To create your Kamana profile and connect with Triage, please visit Triage’s Kamana portal.

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