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Lafayette, IN 47905
Lafayette, IN 47905
Lafayette, IN 47905
Lafayette, IN 47905
Lafayette, IN 47905
Alamosa, CO 81101
Alamosa, CO 81101
Clearwater, FL 33756
El Paso, TX 79902


I was first seeking a travel nursing position about a year ago. After submitting my information to a half dozen agencies, I received a phone call from Devon Howe. We hit it off right away and talked about much more than just travel nursing. Devon was a great recruiter, smart and hardworking, but more importantly I could tell he was authentic in his intentions. I had less than two years as a RN at the time, however, I was coming from a Trauma 1 CVICU with exposure to anything you can think of in the cardiac world. Most hospitals won’t hire or even consider a RN with less than two years, but Devon was able to present a strong case and get me into a travel job with 1.5 years of nursing experience. The rest is history. I’m in my second assignment, making more money than I ever dreamed as a nurse, and am able to provide for my entire family. Triage Staffing has changed my life and opened the door to so many opportunities and new experiences. I’m very grateful for them and all they do. I would 10/10 recommend!
Sergey Y., CVICU/MICU/SICU Salado, TX
My recruiter was awesome and the team was always supportive and available when I needed them.
Cathy, Med-Surg Santa Cruz, CA
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