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By The Gypsy Nurse

February 7, 2019



How to Find a Hairdresser While on a Travel Nurse Assignment

For some hair isn’t a big deal, throw it up in a ponytail, get it trimmed every so often and you’re done. For others, maintaining lovely locks is a must have and as a travel nurse maintaining your hair can be difficult. Finding the perfect hairdresser is like finding a significant other. It might sound crazy but finding a hairdresser that knows their stuff, makes great conversation and can talk you out of bangs when it doesn’t fit the frame of your face is like hitting the jackpot. 

1.) Find their social media accounts

You can usually find any reputable hair salon on social media, Facebook in particular. They will usually post pictures of their clients hair and caption it by saying “Done by” and list the hairdresser who did it. You can also see where clients have tagged their new dos and left reviews. Hair salons also utilize Instagram as a portfolio for their work.

2.) Search on the Internet

Type “hairdresser in my area” in the search bar. You will be bombarded with a list of hairdressers near you. Here is where you take your Facebook stalking skills and use them. By digging deep into different hair salon’s websites and reviews. Here you will usually find prices, the staff and their bios, pictures of the inside of the salon and some previous work done on clients.

Take advantage of Google reviews, Yelp, and Facebook reviews and see what others have had to say.

3.) Ask to see their portfolio

It’s completely okay for you to walk in or call and ask about seeing a portfolio of their previous work. Just a few glances at some “before and afters” and you’ll normally know if this person has your style or not. Some are better at things such as highlights, ombres, haircuts, etc. So even asking them what are your strengths when doing hair is appropriate to ask. If they’re professional, they will be honest because even though you’re only there once their reputation is on the line. The power of word of mouth and reviews can be deadly for any business.

4.) Ask a co-worker or patients

While working at a hospital you may not get to see the glory of some people’s hair like on a Friday night out but ask around about great hairdressers in the area. Get a few names of hairdressers and search their websites and social media pages.

5.) Ask a complete stranger

See someone with amazing hair? Ask them where they got it done! You can go into a complete backstory on how you’re a travel nurse and can never find a hairdresser but just a simple “I love your hair, where do you get it done at?” will do. Some people carry around their hairdresser’s business cards with a discount code for referrals.  

6.) Ask the Travel Nurse Network group

Asking about hair dressers is not a bizarre question in The Travel Nurse Network. There is even a file that has a list of hair dressers in certain areas that travel nurses have fell in love with during an assignment .Doing some research in the group or asking the group may help you find the hairdresser you’re looking for.

Not a member, request to join here.

Getting your hair done can very expensive and extremely upsetting when you pay $100+ (and that’s low balling it) on something you could have paid the fraction of the cost for the same result. Also, remember that if you are not completely satisfied with the end result, you can tell them or a manager and most of the time they will fix it for free. And don’t feel bad for saying something, it’s your money and you’ll be gone in 13 weeks anyway! With just a little research you can find your perfect hair dresser at each assignment!

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