Delicious Meals for On-The-Go Travel Nurses

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By Kevin Devoto

December 22, 2022



Healthy and Delicious Meals For On-The-Go Travel Nurses

Because of your busy lifestyle as a travel nurse, you may turn to the convenience of fast food even though you know it’s not the healthiest choice. There are better options, though; if you plan ahead, you can enjoy healthy and delicious meals on the go.

Healthy and Delicious Meals for On-the-Go Travel Nurses:

Breakfast Choices

How often have you run out the door without breakfast and found yourself dragging by mid-morning? This doesn’t have to happen. First, think smoothies. They will give you plenty of nutrition and flavor, and if you make them up ahead of time, you can grab one on the run as you dash out of the house. Check out the healthy protein breakfast smoothie recipe, for example. It combines almond milk with three kinds of fruit, peanut butter, and oats to give you enough energy to get through your day.

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You might also create a bagel bar as a morning treat. Slice bagels the night before and prepare a series of toppings, everything from jams to thinly sliced cheeses. You can create bagel sandwiches in the morning as you are heading out. Be sure to have plenty of napkins and moist paper towels in plastic sandwich bags for quick cleanup.

Finally, you could build fruit, yogurt, and granola cups and stash them in the refrigerator. Use various flavors of yogurt, and slice in one or two fruit choices. Mix in some crunchy granola. Then spoon your creation into disposable plastic cups with lids. Tape a plastic spoon to the cup and stick it on a label, so you know what you are grabbing.

Sandwiches and Wraps

Sandwiches and wraps are standard for lunches and suppers, but they don’t have to be dull. Research recipes online, and you’ll discover such delicacies as turkey and tomato wrap, tropical beef wrap, and taco wrap. For sandwiches, try using different kinds of bread, like focaccia, savory rolls, and pitas. Combine meats and cheeses, unique spreads like pesto and honey mustard mayonnaise, and vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Prepare sandwich and wrap fixings the night before, and have everything ready for quick assembly in the morning. Baked chips, sliced veggies, and applesauce cups make good accompaniments. Throw in a cookie or piece of chocolate for a treat, and have small bottles of water on hand in the refrigerator. Your family will appreciate the variety, and so will you.

Box Meals

Box meals inspired by Asian bento boxes are all the rage these days, and they can offer you plenty of on-the-go meal options. Social media sites are filled with bento box videos that can inspire you to build your own creations based on your family’s tastes. Start by purchasing a box for each member of your household (including yourself). Look for one that has a thermos option so that you can use hot foods if you choose.

Bento boxes are designed to combine several different foods, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and desserts, so they remain separate and fresh. You might choose re-heated leftover casserole as an entre, add in carrot sticks for crunch, and sliced strawberries for color. Tuck in a small container of dip for the carrots and mini-cupcake for dessert. The possibilities are endless, and you might even include your kids in the planning and assembling process. They’ll be much more likely to eat their lunches.

On-the-go meals don’t have to be unhealthy. In fact, they can be both nutritious and delicious if you make an effort to try some of these ideas and adapt them to your family’s needs. You’ll feel better about what you’re serving and eating.

We hope you found this article on healthy and delicious meals for on-the-go travel nurses helpful. Are there any meals that you think should make our list? Comment below.

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