Good Gift Ideas for Your Travel Nurse BFF

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By Geraldine Mills

November 25, 2022



10 Gift Ideas For Your Travel Nurse BFF In The Holidays

Looking for good gift ideas for travel nurses? Well, it can be challenging to find a gift to get for the holidays for the special nurse in your life.

Travel nurses usually live a different lifestyle than floor nurses; giving them job-specific gifts can go a long way! It will also score you major bonus points on their book!

In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the best travel nurse ideas that you can get:

1. Experiences

Usually, travel nursing doesn’t attract the usual homebody types. Most travel nurses always seek out excitement and adventure.

They consider every new assignment as a chance to explore another city, culture, and experiences! With adventure running through the course of their veins, a lot of travel nurses long for exciting new experiences.

So, why not let them scratch the itch and give them a chance to experience a new city?

Here are excellent examples of gifts that you can give them:

  • Tickets to a local museum, opera, concert, or theatrical performance
  • Gift certificate to a local restaurant
  • A staycation at a resort or condo
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2. Compression socks

Your nurse BFF may spend much time standing or running around during their shift. Eventually, their legs will start to feel it, and their ankles and feet will become all puffy.

In fact, this is one of the most common problems older nurses complain about- their varicose veins! (If you don’t know what they are, Google it.) One of the best ways to prevent this is through compression socks.

3. Personalized travel notebook

If your special nurse is the type who loves to write and journal their experience, then a travel notebook is a good gift for them.

You can even have these personalized so that you can place their favorite quote or add their initials so they can quickly get started with their journaling adventure.

4. A customized photo book

If you have access to your nurse BFF’s digital files or recently went on an exciting trip together, personalized books for adults can make a good gift.

You can even print multiple copies and give them to everyone who went on your trip. It is a compact way to store photos, and its design interface is also relatively easy to use!

5. Personalized work accessories

Aside from compression socks, there are also plenty of ways that nurses personalize their work uniform. Depending on the rules of their workplace, you can easily personalize anything from ID badges to stethoscopes!

6. Cold remedy kit

Nurses are more susceptible to colds and flu during winter. Not to mention, they deal with sick people regularly, which places them on a higher exposure than the rest of us. So, it isn’t a surprise that they might find themselves sick every once in a while.

Ensure the cold remedy kit includes cough drops, tissues, soup, and other essentials. This can be a fantastic emergency kit when they’re hit with those winter sniffles!

7. New Luggage

Aside from a tote bag, new luggage can be a handy gift for travel nurses. This is because they’re always traveling to a new assignment or location every couple of weeks.

Thus, having a sturdy and easy-to-use suitcase is absolutely essential. While it isn’t a common gift to give, getting them a piece of brand-new luggage that’s both mobile and compact ensures that it will last for a long time.

8. Fleece Jacket

A jacket will always look great if paired with any scrub color your nurse friend might be wearing. Most nurses know that a great fleece jacket is king, especially for those working the night shift when temperatures seem to drop on the unit.

Fleece jackets can also make them look stylish and professional at the same time.

9. Tumbler

Whether your nurse friend is a coffee, tea, or water drinker, they’ll always need a handy tumbler. Gifting them a tumbler is a great way to help them keep hydrated, especially during long shifts.

Get an excellent tumbler with a double-walled insulated cup. It keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

10. Space Savers

Some travel either live together or take advantage of a nomadic lifestyle in an RV. Getting them space-saving essentials can be a fantastic gift option.

If you have a space-conscious travel nurse in your life, then here are some of the things that you can get them:

  • A toiletry bag with a hanger so that they can hang it on a bathroom doorknob.
  • Closet organizers
  • Compact hangers
  • Under-the-bed storage solutions
  • A high-quality insulated mug that keeps their morning coffee hot.

Over to You

Most travel nurses often live a life of adventure, constantly traveling from one assignment or city to another. We can guarantee the nurse in your life will appreciate these perfect holiday gift ideas! Do you have any other good gift ideas that we should include in our next holiday gift list? Comment below.

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