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By Amber Pickler

March 21, 2020



Not Your Grandmother’s Compression Socks

Compression Socks
photo provided by: Trenay Jackson via Instagram @ms_nay_nay10

As nurses you spend a majority of your work day on your feet.  Because of this, compression socks have become a staple for nurses. Compression socks have many benefits including improving blood flow and reducing swelling  Another benefit is they help with reducing spider and varicose veins.  We recently conducted a poll on our Facebook group asking our members what their favorite brands of compression stockings are.   Below you will find the results as well as some information and links to learn more about each.  As you will see the compression socks today are not your grandmother’s compression socks they are much more fashion forward and comfortable than ever before.

Top Compression Socks for Travel Nurses

Pro Compression

PRO Compression provides premium quality compression socks and sleeves for running, training, travel, for play or on the job. Our graduated compression products improve circulation to promote recovery and reduce muscle soreness. All products are designed and made in the USA.


Sockwell socks offer compression socks for women and men in stylish colors and patterns for everyday life, travel, hiking, walking, running, and work.

About the Nurse

compression socks
photo provided by: Emily Cheng  via Instagram @explorn_emcheng

Knee High Graduated Compression Socks (20-30 mmHg) in fun colors and prints.  Super comfortable fit, with a wide top band that ensures the socks don’t cut into your calf or slip down.  Clinically effective in increasing circulation, decreasing muscle soreness & fatigue, minimizing swelling, helping to prevent varicose veins, clearing lactic acid build up, and minimizing the risk of a DVT during travel.  Great for anyone on their feet all day!  Your legs will feel supported and you’ll no longer have that achy leg feeling at the end of the day! Zero Risk: 30 Day Love Them Guarantee!


Over the years, we at Nurse Mates have been committed to bringing you the very best in quality footwear, scrubs and accessories. From comfort technologies to timeless style, you inspire us to design products that will meet the demands of your workday. You could say it’s in our veins.

Dr. Motion

Our compression socks feature a mild compression level of 8-15 mmHg which make them extremely comfortable to wear all day, every day. Our products are perfect for travelers, athletes, people who sit or are on their feet all day and etc.


PODsox, short for “Post Operative Design”sox the creation of two rehab professionals who, along with their patients, got bored of seeing the same plain white compression stockings.


BEST SOCKS EVER. GUARANTEED. We are committed to providing each customer the best experience possible. If you are unsatisfied with a Swiftwick product, reach out to us and we will take care of you.

Above all your overall health and wellness are important to be able to care for your patient.  Therefore, knowing what compression stockings are on the market is very important.  These are just a few of the brands out there in today’s market so, compress to suppress the aching and swelling!

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