Furnished Finder & TGN Partner to Provide Affordable Housing Options

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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

November 14, 2019



Furnished Finder and The Gypsy Nurse Partner to Provide Affordable Housing Options to Travel Nurses

The Gypsy Nurse team is pleased to announce that Furnished Finder, the largest monthly housing provider for stipend travel nurses, is the new exclusive housing partner of The Gypsy Nurse. 

affordable housing options

Travel Nurses Connect Directly with Hosts

Travel Nurses prefer to connect with hosts directly before they book and want to ensure that they can find a clean, safe, and affordable housing options while they’re on assignment. A family-run company founded in 2014, Furnished Finder is a short-term housing provider for travel nurses who need affordable monthly furnished housing. Property owners list their furnished rooms and apartments on Furnished Finder, where they must pass a background check and provide proof of ownership/management for traveler safety. All rents are set directly by the landlord and there are no mark-ups or booking fees, making furnished housing affordable for travel healthcare professionals across the US.  Furnished Finder has over 25,000 listings and is used by over 100 medical staffing companies. 

We’re very excited to work with Furnished Finders

“We’re very excited to work with Furnished Finder to make it easier for our travel nurse community to find great affordable housing options for their next assignment through TheGypsyNurse.com website,” said Steve Curtin, CEO of The Gypsy Nurse.  “The Gypsy Nurse has always been about supporting travel nurses at every stage of their journey, and with housing and jobs so tightly connected, it makes sense to provide accurate and cost-effective housing choices early in the process so the stipend traveler can make the best decision possible.”

“Furnished Finder is thrilled to partner with The Gypsy Nurse as they are widely recognized as having the largest and most active travel nursing community in the industry.  The Gypsy Nurse is synonymous with travel nursing,” said Brian Payne, CEO of Furnished Finder.  “Travel nurses have long told us that affordability is a key component with travel nurse housing, which is why our hosts set their own rent and there are no booking fees for either party.  Since there are no mark-ups or commissions, Furnished Finder is always the least expensive housing provider.  Traveler safety is also extremely important to us, which is why every landlord is background screened and must provide an ID and proof of ownership or management.”

Furnished Finder is currently utilized by over 100,000 travelers annually. 

The company started in Bakersfield, California in 2014 when co-founder and CEO Brian Payne was not only working with travel nurses in cardiac pacemaker and defibrillator surgeries but would also rent furnished properties to travel nurses coming into the Bakersfield area.  Now headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Furnished Finder’s growing team of over 50 people have extensive backgrounds in healthcare, business, real estate, and information management.  The leadership team at Furnished Finder is fully committed to supporting the travel nurse industry by constantly innovating and improving to make finding affordable, monthly furnished housing easier.

Furnished Finder users can search the location map and contact landlords directly or submit a housing request for a geographic area.  Click here to check out Furnished Finder’s customized housing search experience for The Gypsy Nurse Community.

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