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By Amber Pickler

February 15, 2020



Frequently Asked Friday: Finding Love as a Travel Nurse

Dating and relationships can be tough for anyone but throw being a travel nurse into the mix, and it can feel impossible. Changing locations every 13 weeks makes it difficult to date around. Is it even possible to find love or a relationship as a travel nurse? Is it possible to find it while you are on a travel nurse assignment?

One of the top questions in our Facebook network group is how you date or find love being a travel nurse. So, we have put together some of the top answers to that question.

Tips for Finding Love as a Travel Nurse:

Dating Sites

While these have been looked down on in the past, now they are the way of the dating world. Over 1500 dating apps and sites are looking to draw single men and women to their products and match them with one another. While not every match will be a love connection, it is a great place to start searching for love or a relationship while working as a travel nurse.

Get out and mingle

Just getting out and exploring your new city could lead to finding a relationship. It can also help you find friends, which could help ease the loneliness while on assignment. Finding things to do in the area of your newest assignment will help you find others as well.

Traditional Dating Scenarios aren’t the only way

Hearing stories of how others met their significant others can make us believe that the traditional ways of dating are the only way to start a relationship. That is far from the truth. Sometimes when you aren’t really looking, things fall into place. You may find a relationship while you are on vacation from your travel nurse job.

Put yourself out there

Putting yourself out there is one of the best things you can do to help find love. Whether that means physically going out or signing up for a dating site like Bumble or an online community like Like the post above states, put yourself out there and let whatever happens happen.

Find Happiness with yourself

Enjoy the journey. And along that journey, you may find someone. Finding happiness within and with yourself is a great piece of advice. You should be happy with and love who you are before you try to find love. Many find love when they aren’t looking, and as the post above says, do what makes you happy, and the rest should fall into place.

We hope that these tips on finding love as a travel nurse help you along the way! Here are a couple more articles on love as a travel nurse.

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