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By The Gypsy Nurse

March 9, 2019



Bucket List Experiences as A Travel Nurse

We recently posed a question to Gypsy Nurse readers:

What Bucket List experiences have you had as a travel nurse?

Travel nursing allows us to feel a little free and sometimes do things that we wouldn’t normally do from our home location. At Home, there is always the thought that ‘it will be there next week’ and sometimes next week just never happens.  The ability to travel nurse in areas that have Bucket List experiences is one of the best perks to Travel Nursing. The experiences that travel nursing opens up are vast.

Some exciting Bucket List Experiences from TGN Travel Nurses

  • I went ZIP LINING!!

  • Indoor skydiving with friends

  • Taking a flying lesson in a little Cessna

  • White water rafting in Colorado

  • Deep Sea Fishing off the Atlantic Coast

  • We like factory tours and have watched cheese and ice cream being made, paper milled, cranberries harvested and although we don’t drink, we’ve been to four different breweries around the country.   We even got to see the Budweiser Clydesdale’s!

  • I saw the Nutcracker with the Phoenix Ballet and saw a tango show with an instructor from Dancing with the Stars and Alvin Ailey Dance troup.

  • Whale watching on the California Coast

What Bucket List experiences have you had while working as a travel nurse?

What experiences do you dream of fulfilling? Post your experiences in the comments below.

You can share your travel nurse experiences with us by contacting us at content@thegypsynurse.com or by posting your #gypsynurseadventures on Instagram.

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