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By The Gypsy Nurse

December 12, 2021



Christmas Alone? How to Make it a Little Less Lonely.

What to do when spending Christmas Alone?

Many of us feel a need to be with family and friends. Whether you are a new Gypsy or a seasoned Gypsy, we can all feel lonely at times. The holidays can amplify this when you’re spending Christmas alone.

We may be alone, but we do not have to be lonely.  Other Gypsy Nurses are often working in the same hospital as you, or maybe some of the core staff has no family or friends around. Find them and make PLANS!!!

Enjoy every aspect of being a Gypsy Nurse.  Look in the local newspaper or online for your area see what’s going on- it’s amazing how many communities have holiday activities.  And if no one else is planning something to do – Go for it! Make plans and invite others who would otherwise be spending Christmas alone; you’ll be surprised at how much fun it can be.  Invite someone new to overdo something together inside or outside be creative.

Enjoy the Holidays!

1.) Make a Christmas Meal

Make a Christmas meal and invite your co-workers! Have everyone contribute to the meal. It doesn’t have to be on holiday. Figure out a day that works for those that would otherwise be alone with no holiday plans. I’ve done this many times, and it is amazing how much fun we had.

Spice it up by playing a fun Christmas Game. My favorite is something I call Dirty Bingo. Each attendee brings 10 – $1.00 gifts. 

  • You put enough gifts in the middle that everyone has an opportunity at acquiring 2 – 3 gifts:  per person/round.
  • Depending on how many people if there are more than 4 – I recommend using 2 sets of dice.  You have 2 dice per set. Place the dice sets across the table from each other.  When you roll doubles you take one gift from the middle.  Continue till all the gifts are taken from the middle.
  • Then set a 3-minute timer. When a double is rolled you steal a gift from someone else.  You cannot take someone’s last gift.  You continue rolling for 3 minutes at the end of 3 minutes everyone opens their gifts.  I’ve seen some VERY creative individuals.
  • Mix it up and have FUN Gypsy Nurses.  You will end up with life-long lasting friendships.

2.) Don’t feel like cooking?

Grab some new friends to find a restaurant that is open to going out to eat. Invite co-workers or someone at your apartment complex to join you for a meal out. Going alone? Grab a book or choose a great outdoor spot to people watch.

3.) Treat Yourself to Dinner and a Movie

Is there a movie you’ve been excited to see? There are a lot of holiday release movies to choose from. Grab a ticket and go!

4.) Pamper Yourself

Soak in the tub – Don’t forget your salts, bath bombs, bubble bath, or whatever else you may choose.  Paint your nails. Schedule a visit at a local spa. Enjoy.

5.) Volunteer

Giving to others can be very rewarding. Spend a day volunteering. It’s easy to find volunteer opportunities. Just search google for ‘volunteer (your city)’ for a variety of options. You’re sure to meet others through volunteering. 

6.) Get Outside

Find yourself a great spot to sit and read and enjoy the great outdoors. Go for a hike. Wander the neighborhood and enjoy the holiday lights. 

8.) Sports Lover?

Make yourself some SPORTS DAY Munchies and sit down to a day of Fun-filled sports with your favorite teams! You could also head out to a local Sports bar where you’re sure to find others doing the same thing. 

9.) Bring the Christmas spirit inside.

If you normally decorate for Christmas, don’t give up this practice because you’re away from home. Head out to the local thrift stores for cheap holiday decor. You can also find some great deals at discount/dollar stores. Pinterest has some great ideas on how to decorate on a budget

Wherever you are this holiday season, The Gypsy Nurse would like to wish you a healthy and happy Holiday. 

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