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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

January 6, 2019



Travel Nurse Stories From the Road: Caring and Doing What Feels Right

The following is a Guest Post via Lynnette Marshall (Mack)

Sometimes as a nurse or a travel nurse, it’s not the big things but the small things that make the most difference when caring for patients. The following story from one of our fellow Travel Nurses shows exactly this.

One night I had a trauma patient with his girlfriend at the bedside. He had been there a while, and she wouldn’t leave his side. She was still there on my 3rd night, and I noticed that she never had anything to eat. I offered her tea, coffee, or a soda, and she said invariably-“I’m ok.” It kept nagging at my mind that she was broke, with no way home.

“I’m Ok….”  When I got a break, I told another nurse I was going to get her something. The nurse said, “no, don’t do that.” So, I ask the girl, and she said, “I’m ok.” I bought her a sub and chips and a drink and a cookie at subway. She accepted graciously, and I never thought about it again.

At Christmas, I took my family to IHOP for breakfast, and a slightly familiar face ask if I remembered her. I said, “You look familiar, but I can’t place you.” She said-“I was in your ICU, and my BF was in an MVA. I had been there a week and was broke and so hungry. You just somehow noticed and brought me food. It was the nicest, most caring thing, and I’ll never forget it”.

“You look familiar, but I can’t place you”

I thanked her for saying that and told her it was nothing. I just felt she needed it and did it. She insisted on treating my rather large gathering to free desserts. I was so touched that she remembered and did this. Sometimes our intuition is right, and it was heartwarming that she remembered, and it had meant so much. That’s what it’s all about. Bringing comfort to those who need it.

About The Author:

I am a 30 yr veteran of the nursing field. I have worn many hats but have always lived by the motto – You are never too busy to be kind. I am now a Traveler in ICU, and my Gypsy soul is finally being nurtured. I have found the greatest joy of my life in the little things that make us compassionate caregivers, and nursing fulfills a need in me that nothing else can.

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