Benefits of Being a TGN Member: Tips for Using

By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

October 9, 2020



Benefits of Being a TGN Member

There are many benefits to being a member of the Gypsy Nurse website.  In this article, we will go over these benefits to help you understand these benefits and how to use them better.

Find nursing colleagues, connect, and privately message nurses.

Find fellow nurses in your new assignment area, nurses in the same specialty, or even nurses you have worked with in the past.  Add them as a friend to keep in contact by messages or by using our 1-1 private video calling, explained below.

Connect with nursing friends with 1-1 private video calling.

This feature allows you to video chat with nurses you have connected or friended on our website.  This is an easy way to connect in a more personal way than chat, text, or email. This is a secure video chat room that only you and the person you invite or invited can enter.  A password is required to enter.  Making this a secure chat.

Create and subscribe to customized job alerts you create.

You can use this feature to personalize the alerts you get.  When creating your job alerts, you can decide what specialties or job types, locations, or keywords you want to be alerted to when they are posted.

Save and “favorite” multiple jobs for future applications.

With this feature, you can save jobs that may be a job you would be interested in applying to in the future.  This feature is excellent if you are not quite ready to commit but want to have it available and not have to search out the job again.

Rate and review travel nurse agencies.

On, you can easily find, rate, and review travel nurse agencies.  Agencies are easy to search on our Agencies and Facilities page. Just use the search bar on the right side.  Results will appear as soon as you start typing. Click on the agency or healthcare facility you are looking for.  Once on their page, you will find their reviews, or you can leave a review.

Rate and review healthcare facilities.

Much like rating agencies, rating and reviewing healthcare facilities is very simple.  You go to our List of Hospital page and search for the hospital you are looking for.  Once there, you can read the reviews (if there are any) and leave a review.

Access our Travel Nurse Events Calendar to be notified of industry or agency-sponsored events in your area.

Our event calendar is a great place to find industry events.  These are in-person or virtual.  There are a wide variety of events posted.  Keep checking back as events are added frequently.

Privately direct message with other nurse connections on our platform.

By connecting with other nurses on our website, you can privately message them.  Because you must be connected to private messages on, you won’t get unwanted messages from strangers.

Easily find convenient and affordable housing near jobs of interest through Furnished Finder.

Finding housing has never been easier!  Use our housing page to search for housing in the location of your next assignment.  All the listings in that area from Furnished Finder will appear in your search.

Have a travel nursing question?  Directly and privately ask a Gypsy Nurse Mentor

If you question travel nursing, you can directly and privately reach out to a Gypsy Nurse Mentor.  These can be questions about contracts, experience, advice, or any travel nursing-related question. Go to our Ask a Travel Nurse page, enter your information, and submit. Your message will be answered as soon as possible.

Submit your guest articles via your profile and it may be published

Always wanted to write for The Gypsy Nurse but now sure how to reach out?  Use our Submit an Article page to write an article.  We will review it and let you know if and/or when we will publish it.  This is a great way to get more involved with TGN.

We are constantly working to add resources and member benefits to to help travel nurses on their journey.  Keep checking the site as new features are being added.  Are there any features or benefits you would like to see on  Comment them below.

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