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By The Gypsy Nurse

August 4, 2018



Back To School

Back to schoolIf you ever considered an advanced degree or specialty area, here’s some information worth noting.  Sometimes larger travel nursing agencies provide continuing education opportunities.  Many travel nurses find this an ideal situation to pursue education while still working. There are several areas to consider and you may decide this is the perfect time to go back to school.

Perhaps the most important is the impact it could have on your career. With advanced education and professional development you may be a more desirable candidate for future positions in your field. It could open more doors and make you more competitive allowing you to get your first choice for assignments. This could lead to more opportunities for both travel assignments and permanent positions.

In addition to being more marketable, further education may also increase your salary. And you might find yourself more fulfilled. The Journal of Professional Nursing released results from a study that found nurses who obtain higher degrees are typically more satisfied with their jobs. And, the American Medical Association found that hospitals with a higher proportion of BSN nurses experienced decreased mortality rates. In fact, the Institute of Medicine has a goal to have 80 percent of nurses hold at least a bachelor’s degree by 2020. As are result many agencies offer tuition reimbursement benefits and scholarships are increasing in availability.

There are now many options to complete classwork online. This means you can study from the comfort of your own home. Big advantages include time savings and no costs from a commute. This can also offer a great deal of flexibility with regard to your schedule—when you actually take the class and do homework.

As a travel nurse, you also have the advantage of seeking out an assignment near a school of your choice. Traditional classroom settings are still popular and you can choose a location that offers clinical work in a hospital you desire.

As with any commitment you should be aware of your time management. Be sure to consider if time in school without a salary will interfere with your ability to pay for classes and other expenses. And think about if you want to spend some of your free time doing school work. For example, if you view your travel job as an adventure and want to explore you may be conflicted to set time aside to study. When you do study, the environment is very important. Make sure you have a quiet place where you can concentrate. If you have housemates it may make sense to go to a library or coffee shop.

If you do decide to start school, don’t start the same week you start a new assignment. It can be very overwhelming to move to a new place, begin a new job and embark on education. Keep your journey manageable to avoid unnecessary stress.

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