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By The Gypsy Nurse

February 18, 2018



Ask A Travel Nurse: Missed Shift Fees


Is it common for the agency to request monetary repayment for missed shifts? I’ve worked on two assignments, and this has never been part of my contracts before.

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It is common in this industry.   I’ve worked for multiple agencies over the past 8 years of Travel Nursing, and only two did not have a dollar amount for missed shifts in their contracts.   One used to allow two missed shifts per contract, but too many of their travelers abused it, so they no longer do.

The penalties are to cover housing costs.   If you don’t work, the agency doesn’t get paid, but they must still pay for housing.   The penalties should approximately equal the cost of housing.

Example: housing is $1200/month.   The contract is for 36/hrs a week, 144 hours a month.   $1200 divided by 144 = 8.30/hour.   If the penalty seems excessively high, ask what housing costs are.   If the agency has not secured specific housing yet, they may not have an exact figure, but they should have a general idea.

I had one contract in a smallish city, and the hourly missed shift penalty was equal to the housing costing the agency nearly $3000/month.   I knew there was no way they would spend that amount and refused to accept it.    They lowered it to a more realistic figure.

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