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By The Gypsy Nurse

January 22, 2018



Ask A Travel Nurse: Mail

Travel Nurse Mail:

Hi! I’m considering going into travel nursing but have a couple things I’m figuring out to see if this would be the best fit.  How does the Travel Nurse deal with the mail?

If I forward it all through the USPS, I should receive everything. Thanks for reading this whole message, and I can’t wait to hear back!!


Sherrie, There are multiple ways to deal with your mail as a Travel Nurse. Check out this article: Remote Control your mail.  Yes, if you have your mail forwarded via USPS you ‘should’ get it.  The trick is to make certain to address your forwarding in a timely manner so as not to lose anything when moving from place to place.

We hope this information was helpful. Have you found ways to work with your mail while you are travel nursing? Comment any tips you may have to share with your fellow travel nurses below.

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