Housing For Travel Nurses: How Agencies Scope It Out

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By Titan Medical

May 10, 2019



How Agencies Scope out Housing for Travel Nurses

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After accepting a traveling healthcare assignment, travelers typically have the option to let their agency assist in finding temporary housing for them. So, how do agencies find quality housing for their travelers? Here is a list of housing sites and options allowing agencies to agencies find travel nurse housing for travel nurses to stay temporarily:

Housing for Travel Nurses:


agencies find travel nurse housing

Hotels usually offer special rates for facilities with contracted employees or even offer a deal on extended staying guests. Staying in hotels makes for a convenient option.

There are typically a variety of locations you can select from when narrowing down options. Additionally, you can generally earn ‘points’ and accumulate free stays. Unfortunately, hotels can become limited when looking at rural areas. Sometimes travelers might need to commute from nearby towns that have the space to accommodate them.

Traveler can benefit from sites like HotelEngine for quick overnight stays.

AirBNB / VRBOagencies find travel nurse housing

AirBNB and VRBO are both up-and-coming ways of travel. These are sites that allow homeowners to rent their entire homes, rooms, or shared spaces. Perfect for adventurous travelers looking for a unique place to stay for a weekend or an extended amount of time away from home. The main difference between the two sites is that VRBO focuses more on renting out entire homes and apartments and AirBNB has more variety regarding room-renting options. There are a lot of fun housing opportunities that can be found across both sites adding to the traveling experience of our healthcare professionals.


agencies find travel nurse housing

Craigslist is an option that allows agencies to search for specific housing types, widening the selection of available spaces for travelers to stay. When searching for homes or apartments on Craigslist, there is a chance you can also find them fully furnished. Furnished apartments are most convenient for travelers bringing minimal items on their adventure. If the apartment or home is unfurnished, there are local companies that can bring in basic furnishings that would be necessary for the travelers stay. If you’re using Craigslist, protect yourself from possible scams.

Zillow / Apartment FinderZillow 800x566

Zillow and Apartment finder are websites that give updates on available housing for rent. This is a great way to search specific locations and find available properties. If a home or apartment is available for rent, agencies will reach out to the property manager and request information on temporary stay rates.

The BEST Travel Nurse Housing

We hope you found this article on how agencies scope out housing for travel nurses helpful. Agencies look in a variety of places when securing travel nurse housing. Where do you search for your travel nurse housing? Have tips? Please post them in the comments!

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