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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

January 23, 2019



The Top 5 Podcasts Nurses Should be Listening to

podcasts nurses should be listening to

I don’t know if you’ve hopped on the podcast bandwagon yet, but I am definitely a fan. For me, my favorite time to listen to a podcast is when I am in the car for an extended amount of time, and as a travel nurse there may be a few times you find yourself in that situation. Whether you need a quick laugh from someone who understand the in’s and out’s of your profession, or you’re wanting to keep in the know with current technology and advancements in medicine, you can find this and just about anything in between. Here are my top 5 podcasts nurses should be listening to:

1.) Sawbones is as they describe a “Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine.” On Friday’s, they uncover “the odd, weird, wrong, dumb and just gross ways we’ve tried to fix people over the years” by researching the historical side of medicine. Definitely a fan favorite for anyone who needs a good laugh and can appreciate a fun attempt to show you how we got to our current approach to modern medicine.

2.) Amateur Traveler the first episode premiered July 2th of 2005. The reason I enjoy this podcast so much for a travel nurse is that it helps you dive into new locations and helps you decide where you may want to explore next. The Amateur Traveler media kit has quotes from folks who have been inspired by the “Amateur Traveler” to travel themselves.

3.) NRSNG’s website has a plethora of podcasts on their site but their flagship nursing podcast is what they describe as an “eclectic look at the profession.” On the NRSNG Show they talk about:

  • Confidence in nursing
  • Real life nursing stories
  • Life hacks for nurses
  • Anatomy and Physiology of diseases
  • Interviews with incredible nurses, authors, and successful people

4.) Nursing Continuing Education is great for the nurse who is not only busy, but wanting to be prepared when it comes to your CE credits. offers CE credit courses that you can listen to for free or pay a small fee for the certificate to get full credit. The series covers topics important to nurses such as antibiotic resistance, sleep disorders and necrotizing fasciitis. Most podcasts are worth at least one CE contact hour. The Nursing Continuing Education podcast is available on iTunes for download or visit for more information. You can also reach this site through by going to the resources tab and then down to “continuing education.”

5.) The final recommendation I have is “The Nurse Keith Show.” This podcast is a wealth of knowledge for those who are looking for up-to-date career advice for 21st century nurses who are looking to excel when it comes to their nursing career management and development. The podcast itself is run by holistic career coach Keith Carlson as he “explores salient aspects of creating the most satisfying nursing career possible.” Definitely worth a listen!

There is something for just about anyone out there if you look! The Gypsy Nurse is all about helping fellow travel nurses like you find your passion and help you explore the world and inspire others along the way. Comment below on this post and let us know what your favorite podcasts are!

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