Yoga For Travel Nurses: Wellness for Travel Nurses

By Gifted Healthcare

March 28, 2018



Yoga For Travel Nurses

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Whether you’re a travel nurse in Missouri, or on assignment in Texas, you’re on your feet for long hours throughout the week. Being on your feet for prolonged periods of time can cause anything from back pain to tension in the neck. Although good tennis shoes and the occasional break can help relieve your feet while on the shift, there’s nothing quite like a good yoga practice.

Find relief, both for the body and the mind, by practicing these yoga poses that release stress and pressure from the lower back, stretch the spine, and melt away soreness in the legs. They’ll be the best few minutes, or hours, you’ve ever invested in yourself. You can thank us later.

Before diving into the first pose, start with a good yoga breath to begin releasing any stress you’re carrying and to clear your mind. Check out these asana breathing tips if you’re new to yoga.

1. Yogi Squat

The yogi squat may not be your favorite pose but it has multiple benefits! First, it’ll elongate your tired spine, it will also open your hips, stretch out your calves, and finally, aid with ankle mobility. If you’re not super flexible, you can also add a block for you to sit on and be more comfortable.

2. Supine Twist

A supine twist will open the lower back and ease up tension in the shoulders. The twist will detoxify the spinal column and rinse the spine with fresh, new oxygenated blood. Additionally, this pose helps with your digestion.

3. Happy Baby

As a travel nurse, you’ve probably noticed that after a long day at the hospital, your spine is what hurts the most. This pose not only opens up your hips but also relieves and massages any pain you may have on your back.

4. Cat-Cows

Standing for long periods of time can begin to compress your spine. With catcows, you’ll be able to stretch and elongate your column and relieve any pressure. Don’t forget to put thought into your breath as you’re working through this asana flow, this will add extra soothing benefits to your travel nurse yoga practice.

5. Upside-Down Forward Fold

There’s nothing quite like a good forward fold. However, in this yoga session, we’re trying to relieve any pressure on your legs, ankles, and feet. Similar to plow, the upside-down forward fold will help you stretch out your lower back and hamstrings, while not putting any strain on your neck.

Take a few minutes out of your day to do a few or all of these poses. Not only will the breathing clear your mind, but the poses will also soothe your aching body. While travel nursing can be exhilarating, it will also cause you mental and physical stress – keep things fun by taking some time for yourself and stretching out those tires muscles.

PS: Don’t forget that your breathing, is just as important as the poses you’ll be doing! Additionally, feel free to modify any pose to your body’s needs; maybe you need a little more stretching, or perhaps you need a little less. Listen to your muscles and joints.


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