5 Tips for Travel Nurses Working Through the Holidays

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By Favorite Healthcare

December 9, 2020



5 Tips for Nurses Working Through the Holidays

This article was provided by Favorite Staffing.

Are you scheduled to work this holiday season and feel a little down about missing out on holiday traditions with family and friends? It may not be exactly how you pictured spending this time of year, but there are still ways to make it positive and festive! Here a few tips for nurses to brighten their days while working through the holiday season.

Use technology to stay connected to your loved ones

We are currently in an era of virtual social gatherings and video chats, so put those tools to good use! Hop on a Zoom call to check in with friends, or FaceTime, your family so you can participate in holiday traditions virtually. Either way, technology is the easiest way to stay connected with your loved ones. Be sure to take advantage of it during breaks when you need that extra pick-me-up.

Organize holiday festivities at work

Get in the holiday spirit by organizing fun holiday festivities with your co-workers. Start a Secret Santa gift exchange, decorate your unit, or organize a cookie swap. You can also brighten up a patient’s day by celebrating with them because chances are, they are disappointed about being in the hospital this time of year too. Think of ways to safely have fun – like decorating their room, playing holiday music, or creating a fun and simple game to play. There is no reason you can’t spread some holiday cheer at work!

Take extra time off later

Try to plan some time off after you get through the busy holiday season. Schedule some “me-time” to catch up on much-needed sleep or watch that new show on Netflix you have been meaning to binge. Take a moment to rest and recover after a hectic season because you deserve it!

Enjoy that holiday pay

If it helps you feel better about missing time spent with family and friends, why not remind yourself that making extra cash over the holiday season is not a bad thing! Make your holiday pay even more meaningful by putting it toward gifts for others or donating part of it to your favorite charity. You can even use it to pamper yourself when you have time off – either with a nice meal from your favorite restaurant or by doing some online shopping.

Remember that you make a difference

Whether you have a few patients to take care of or find yourself swamped in the ER, try to focus on how many lives you are touching. You are providing lifesaving work and truly make a difference in your patients’ lives! Go back to why you became a nurse in the first place and try to stay focused on the positive. Remember that you ultimately provide care for those who really need your help, and you make an impact that lasts a lifetime!

Wherever you end up this holiday season, we hope you are able to rest, enjoy time off with family and friends, and shake off the stress from this past year. We hope you found these tips for working through the holidays helpful. Share your tips for working through the holidays with us!

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