Travel Nursing this Summer? Where Will it Take You?

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By CareerStaff Unlimited

March 3, 2020



Where Will Travel Nursing Take You This Summer?

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From the chance to work a temporary assignment before committing to a full-time job, to diversifying your nursing portfolio by working in a new setting or facility type, travel nurse assignments offer many benefits to RNs, LPNs, and LVNs across all specialties and experience levels.

But maybe the best incentive for this exciting career option is the chance to mix the pleasure of travel with your passion for working as a nurse — and getting paid to visit some great destinations across the United States, too!

And what better time to plan a travel assignment than during the summer months, America’s favorite time to travel. Though they’re not all the same duration, most travel nursing opportunities are full-time, 13-week engagements, or about three months in length. In other words, it’s about the perfect length of time to get away for the summer!

So, our question to you is: Where will you travel this summer?

If you live in the Midwest, you might fancy spending the summer in a beachside town in California or the Carolinas. Or if you’re a city dweller looking to get out and explore nature, you may prefer to bask in the scenic beauty of the Great Lakes region, the Rocky or the Appalachian Mountains, or the Pacific Northwest.

Either way, no matter where you live, travel nursing is the perfect way to seize the advantage of your value as a nurse to enjoy a unique and unforgettable life experience.

You are Valuable

And make no mistake, you are valuable: Nurses are in demand across the United States like never before, and facilities are increasingly relying on travel agencies to provide nurses for temporary assignments. These travel nurses are often called upon to fill in for permanent staff members who may be on vacation or sick leave, during seasonal spikes in utilization, or to help rural facilities find specialists who may be in short supply in their local area.

And because travel nurses are in such high demand, most agencies will cover the expense of your transportation and housing. You should also choose an agency that provides guaranteed hours and competitive pay and benefits (like full medical, vision, dental and life insurance). And be sure to ask about additional perks like local gym membership discounts, assignment and loyalty bonuses, and reimbursement for continuing education classes.

Why Work a Travel Nursing Job This Summer?

In other words, travel jobs are a great way to build career momentum while helping facilities ensure continuous, high-quality patient care for their communities. But there’s much more to it than that. Travel nursing also has a particular appeal to the adventurous types — those who love the idea of getting away for the summer (or any other season) and seeing different parts of the country.

For these folks, travel nursing is even more than an adventure and a chance to explore. Because they’re longer than a standard weekend trip, travel nursing jobs provide a unique opportunity to live like a local for a few months. That means you’ll have plenty of time to hit up every museum or art gallery, dine at every chic restaurant, explore every shopping hotspot, hike every trail, hear all the hottest acts in the local music scene, or however you like to spend your time.

Home away from home

And because of their extended nature, travel nursing assignments often become a home away from home, and a chance to make new friends or even spend time with family or old acquaintances who live in other states.

So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself visiting your travel nursing destination again in the future! Some travel nursing agencies will even be happy to re-match you with a facility where you’ve already worked since you’ve not only already proven your value but have already learned the ropes there. If things work out, your assignment could even be a new summer tradition or a new home — some travel nursing assignments can even turn into full-time jobs.

On the other hand, many nurses prefer the variety of traveling to a new destination with each assignment. Particularly for those looking to build career experience, travel nursing provides a great way to diversify your portfolio by working in a larger variety of facility types, learning new systems and procedures, gaining experience with different technologies, and so on.

So, where will you travel this summer?

CareerStaff can help you choose! We staff travel nursing jobs in many of America’s vacation hotspots, including Florida, Colorado, New England, Washington State, California, and even Alaska and Hawaii! Contact us today to learn more about our amazing selection of assignments, and the great benefits we offer to travelers.

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